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The truth about Yoni eggs/pearls



This is an all tea spilling article on the honest truth and facts about Yoni eggs/Pearls. There are so many homeopathic, ‘natural’ practices deemed as healthy, seeking to improve well being and encouraging vitality in the most ‘natural’ way possible. However, these claims remain unconfirmed by science with hardly any evidence to prove they actually work. For some, there has been studies proving some of these claims may be true or that these practices have some level of efficacy, yet we see some claim to heal even genetic diseases. Such exaggerations have been found misleading and harmful to those who believe and indulge in these practices. One of them is the use of Yoni eggs/Pearls.

Yoni Pearls

Yoni eggs or Pearls come in different forms. However, they are most commonly seen as egg shaped smooth stones or a small piece of herbs in a white cloth which is inserted into the vagina. They may come with a string attached to help with insertion or removal. These Yoni eggs or pearls have been sold out on many ‘health and lifestyle’ websites and online shops on social media because they claim to be the ultimate must-have and must-use for optimum female sexual and reproductive health.

This hits close to home because while sexual and reproductive health may be embarrassing to discuss, there are a lot of unanswered questions and when products as these are advertised with erroneous claims to be the answers to those questions, it’s only a matter of time until one caves in and uses them. This could pose numerous health risks.

Here are some of the claims about Yoni eggs and pearls:

  1. Increase sexual sensitivity and enhance sexual pleasure
  2. Prevent prolapse of the uterus
  3. Improve sexual activity
  4. Cure fibroids.
  5. Cure endometriosis
  6. Cure infections
  7. Improve symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome (PMS)
  8. Improves fertility
  9. Balances emotions
  10. Increases spiritual enlightenment and awareness.

Firstly, there are no scientific evidences to back these claims. This is all grandma’s medicine (no shade at grandmas) and no one has ever really shown an ultra sound scan with before and after proof that their fibroids suddenly disappeared after using Yoni Pearls. Never seen one, never heard one. There are no journals by these Yoni eggs experts with documented evidences that the practise of using Yoni eggs is actually beneficial.

Secondly, the vagina is a self cleansing organ and way above it is the cervix, the uterus, the oviducts which by its fimbriae comes in contact with the ovaries. These organs are sterile. This means that unless you’ve acquired a vaginal infection which has ascended, these organs do not have a micro flora (unlike the vagina). Infection of the cervix, lining of the uterus and tubes give rise to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. A well known aetiology is backed up by the vector theory which states that infective organisms move from the vagina to the cervix and it goes on. Inserting Yoni Pearls or eggs to treat an infection would be ironically catastrophic. It means you’d be helping the bacteria move up to cause more harm. Furthermore, Yoni eggs and pearls puts one at risk of toxic shock syndrome, a rare and highly fatal infection.

An inflamed female reproductive system

Thirdly, the claim that it prevents pelvic organ prolapse and improves sexual activity by strengthening pelvic floor muscles is an absolute hoax. Like all old folk medicine (again, no offence to old folk), Yoni Pearl experts claims these pearls were used in ancient China by the women to improve sexual activity and prevent prolapse. Well, because we love us some evidence, a study was done in 2019 and published on the PubMed journal. The article titled; Vaginal Jade Eggs: Ancient Chinese Practice or Modern Marketing Myth? concluded that no evidence was found to support the claims that these eggs were used in ancient China for pelvic floor exercises to improve sexual activity and prevent pelvic organ prolapse. These researchers just like to spoil market as in 2018, the lifestyle company Goop was sued and fined $145,000 for false advertising about the benefits of the Yoni eggs. Furthermore, what kind of hogwash, nerves numbing advertisement would claim that a stone inserted into the vagina would bring calm and ‘spiritual enlightenment’. The thought of walking around with a stone in your vagina is discomforting to say the least. So much for calming. Try some meditation instead as that can be backed with evidence proving its efficacy in managing anxiety and depression, improving emotional well-being and memory.

Besides the fact that the benefits of using the Yoni eggs and pearls can not be backed up by science, these items are usually expensive. Playing capitalism with the health of people never end well in the long run. That’s why vaccines that should normally go for thousands of Naira end up being subsidized or free for the populace. That’s why basic, essential medications are cheap. And I’m not just talking about these Yoni eggs and pearls. Most ‘natural’ products with claims to solving all your health problems are usually pricey, yet do not actually have any benefit or bring any improvement to your health. That’s a tea to be spilled another day, the marketing scams of these ‘natural’ products that don’t actually work.

Finally, as a sexual and reproductive health enthusiast, I will encourage you dear reader, please see a qualified health practitioner if you have any complaints as regarding your sexual and reproductive health. It is better to be safe…

Ever used a Yoni egg or pearl? Please share your experience. Do you think homeopathic medicine has a place in modern health care? Share your opinion, we would love to know.

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