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Sometimes our relationships don’t end up the way we planned. While experiencing a breakup can be very draining and inundating, there are ways to go about it so you don’t break down completely.

These are useful tips that can help you in times of break up:
1.Wake up to reality that it is over!
2. Talk about it with people you can trust (i.e. surround yourself with people). Preferably talk to strangers you’ll never see again.

3.Get a hobby and get busy with it, you need all the distraction you can get.

4. Stop texting or calling your ex.

5. Delete or put away every painful memory trigger, especially pictures and videos of you two. 

6.  Know that it takes time to move on and heal completely.

7. Figure out what your needs really are and tend to them.

8. Pray, Eat and hope for the best.

9. Engage in a lot of physical activities, workout sessions. It has a way of helping your body decontaminate stress.

10. Finally, strive to be more successful. Take up a course to enhance your career or channel your drive and energy into your business. Become the best version of yourself,as this in itself is good medicine to the soul.

I  hope you find these tips useful, kindly add yours if i omitted anything. Looking forward to your replies. 

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