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Rainy Days: What You Need To Do To Stay Safe This Season

Rainy Days: What You Need To Do To Stay Safe This Season



We all know that the rainy season is upon us and so the level of inconveniences increases by 50 percent. Some roads will be flooded, some buildings will give way and collapse, cars will break down in the middle of the road, events will be disrupted, road constructions come to a halt and a lot of other disruptions. Let’s not also forget that during the rainy season, pests and reptiles face life threatening risks outside such as drowning, losing their food sources, shelter and being washed away. And so they tend to look for shelter and food mostly in homes.
This period you must stay vigilant so as not to get harmed or affected.

I will be giving you a few tips to help you keep safe during this wet season:

-Get a small umbrella/raincoat handy when going out
-Use more of your rubber shoes/Sandals if possible
-Walk/ Drive carefully and slowly especially in muddy areas
-Moderate the air conditioning as the weather is already cold.
-If you have kids at home, keep every electrical appliance out of their reach.

For Your Home/Office

– Reinforce your doors and locks
-Make sure to close any opening or crack around the house
-Repair damaged window screens
-Ensure that you keep up with trash
-Always Cover your water closet (WC) with the lid after use
-Your kitchen and toilet door should be closed at night and when out of use
-Fumigate your house and septic tank
-Use Yellow light bulbs as the heat helps to keep the house warm.
-Listen for unfriendly or strange noise in the house, not limited to the ceiling as it may be an unwanted dangerous reptile.
-Prepare an emergency kit for a power outage
-Do not park your vehicle directly under power lines or next to utility poles.
-Look out for fallen electric poles in your area and avoid those places.
-If possible, stay home and get tucked in bed or you could indulge yourself with an indoor game or a craft.

I hope you find these tips useful. Did I leave out anything? Please drop it in the comment section. Stay safe!

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