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Peter Drury, ‘the Poet of World Football’ might just be the World’s most Creative Football Commentator Alive



The round leather, football is undeniably a game that unifies people from all around the world. Simply put, the above notion cannot be subject to debate because it has been proven overtime that football evokes an infectious joy in the lives of people. Everybody loves football. It gets personal when your country battles another, the demand for solidarity creeps in and you are left with no option than to show support.

The game ignites a raving passion in every sports lover, both young and old. One aspect of football that makes it uber interesting is the commentary. An international football match cannot be complete without the brilliant spark of a football commentator who would employ his creative prowess, worldplay, and punchlines in his delivery. 

Martin Tyler, Peter Drury, Jon Champion and Jim Beglin passes as some of the biggest names in Football commentary in the world. These veterans have appeared in almost all the biggest football matches in the World as commentators. They have done commentaries in the World Cup matches, English Premiership and what have you.

As the latin word ‘’e pluribus unum’’ implies ‘One amongst many, Peter Drury has been very outstanding among other top notch football commentators in the world. Peter is a household name in Football commentary in the world. 

Peter Drury is to football what Shakespeare is to literature. He is a prolific football commentator that passes as the G.O.A.T.

Below are excerpts of some of his memorable lines:

1. Jesus wept! Denied again! This time it’s not by Peter, its VAR!

2. At halftime, it’s 3-0. That’s the difference between the champions of Europe and the champions of the Championship.

3. ‘Spain on the plane, or Spain in the Russian rain. You’ve heard of Sharapova, you’ve heard Kornikova, now it’s all over. Pique climbed high, Dzyuba climbed higher and Russia as a nation rose highest.’

4. Peter: Balotelli now has a new hairstyle.

Jim: What hairstyle is that?

Peter: Don’t ask me about hair.

5. Giroud misses goal against Swansea.

Peter Drury: Scoring was easier than missing, he chose the hard one, to miss.

6. *On Croatia*

Peter Drury : For the team with chessboard shirt… Well, it’s Checkmate.

7. Shearer – 11 hat tricks 

Aguero – 10 hat tricks 

*Aguero steps up to take a pen against Chelsea having scored a brave *6-0

Peter – Aguero looking to equal Shearers record of most hat tricks, he currently stands at 10 and two thirds.

8. And Jesus heads home from the cross!

9. England vs Croatia WC semifinal.  Trippier scores. 

” England in their Immaculate shirts have an immaculate start, Subasic clawing in the air, Southgate punching in the air, England hope the remaining 80 minutes vanish into thin air”

10. **Pep subs out David Silva and brings in Gabriel Jesus**

Peter Drury: Silva for Jesus, a move Judas Iscariot would have been proud of.

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