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Meet Kenan, the new kid on the block ready to take Africa by storm



It is a common thing to hear most successful musicians all around the world, telling the story of how they started singing in Church before the transition that usually takes them to the studio, and eventually to limelight. 

When this transition happens, a new music star, either male or female finds its path through the lenses of the media, with a primary goal of dishing out good music to the world.

For Kenan, a young talented Nigerian with real name, Augustine Effiong Nyah, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, his story is not different, having been a Chorister since aged 12, and is deeply rooted with the knowledge of (“D, T, L, S, F, M, R, D”).


As he narrates the story about his passion for music and the zeal to take Africa by storm, one striking statement he made goes thus: “I believe that in five years, African music and its genre will evolve, just like it has happened in the last decade. My earnest desire is to have a mark on that evolution.”

He goes further, expressing himself confidently: “I’m a versatile artist, how ever the music comes to me, I make it but I major in RnB/hip hop.”

“I want to be the biggest artist out of this country. Also, I want Akwa Ibom language to be recognized in the music scene just like the Yoruba language.” He said.

“I find inspiration from reading, listening to good music and sometimes, from real life situation that happens to me first hand. Good music inspires me, but my major source of inspiration is God.”

Having been into music professionally in the last one year, he has had two fantastic singles under his belt already enjoying radio airplays, “Another You” and “Memo”. 

As we anticipate banging tunes from Kenan, we look forward to seeing him keep to his promise of taking Africa by storm.