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There has been a sudden flooding of Kayan Mata vendors and alternately, the use of the products in our society today. Women now come online boldly to advertise this open secret that never used to make it to daylight in the olden days.  
Kayan Mata which literally means “women’s things or a woman’s property” originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria.  

It  is used to refer to herbs or potions that act as ‘sex or love enhancers’ and ‘aphrodisiacs’. 
For centuries, their recipes — generally combinations of herbs, fruits and spices have been used to heighten and stimulate the sexual feelings of one’s partner.

They were originally used by married women to spice up sexual relations with their husbands but recently, the products have been peddled on the Internet as voodoo-like herbs for young ladies to attract attention from rich men.
They come in different forms ranging from honey to perfumes, powder, do-as-I-say padlock, Goodluck oil, etc. 

The Blue eye bead is also another popular bracelet believed to attract favour to the owner after being fortified with powers. 
According to the adverts carried out on social media platforms,rich married men are the major targets. Whilst their wives are trying to keep their homes by all means possible, some desperate young ladies dating these married men otherwise known as ‘sidechicks’ are also going the extra mile to squeeze out a fortune from the men and possibly get them into marriage.

We have the likes of Jaruma the self acclaimed ‘Mamalawo’ who peddles her stock in trade on the internet. She became a sensation when she started posting receipts of  large funds received for her products and consultation. She has a large following on Social media and she is also known for her luxury Lifestyle. 

Angela Nwosu a.k.a The digital ogbanje is also another get rich quick crooner with her fortified blue eye bead and goodluck body scrub.  She claims to be a spiritualist who uses natural elements for her craft. 
Just recently, another Kayan mata seller identified as Omoshola came under fire as she posted a video advertising her kayanmata wares for catching rich men and making them do your biddings. 

What’s your take on this issue? As a man in a relationship or marriage, how do you know that you were not jazzed into the relationship?

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