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Whether in Marriage or a casual relationship, Sex is a strong factor in the scheme of things. It is another form of communication that surpasses spoken words. Now I’m talking about two emotionally connected people in a relationship and not a Client-service thing. (You know what I mean 😉)

Regardless of whether you have a high sex drive or a low one, if you’re wondering how important is sex in a relationship, the answer should be very!
Sex can create an intimacy feedback loop and studies have shown that sex predicts affection; Affection in turn, predicts frequency of sexual activity. In other words, more sex leads to more sex. So if you want to have sex, the best thing to do is to have more sex!

And if you’re still wondering how important is sex in a relationship, here’re 5 facts: 

  • It releases a bonding hormone between you and your partner,
  • A healthy sex life builds intimacy and trust in your relationship
  • Sex boosts your immune system
  • The cocktail of feel-good hormones helps you sleep better and lifts your general mood 
  • It provides an opportunity to demonstrate love, affection and attraction

On the flip side, Sex isn’t necessary per se to make a relationship thrive.
Many people have happy, fulfilling, healthy romantic relationships without having sexual intercourse with their partners (or only having sex with with their partners once in a while).
There are many reasons why people don’t want to, or don’t, have sex. This may include:

  • having a low libido (also known as “sex drive”)
  • living with an underlying medical condition, such as chronic pain
  • wanting to date for a longer period of time before getting that intimate
  • being unmarried and wanting to abstain from it before marriage etc
    However, this doesn’t mean that the relationship will be unhealthy. And it certainly isn’t a sign that your partner doesn’t love or value you!
    This is why the importance of communication in a relationship cannot be overstated. it works best to be on the same page with your partner in matters like this.

Having said enough, I’ll like to round off with this question ‘How important is Sex to You’? I will love to read from you, kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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