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How do I make my child Smarter?



‘So Margaret that had 100% in Maths, does she have two heads?’

If you didn’t hear this question as a child, please go ask your parents if they are really Nigerians. Because honestly, I believe there’s a gene that codes for that desire to groom the next Einstein or Thomas Edison in all Nigerians and that said gene becomes activated the moment we become parents. One of the greatest worries for most parents is the academic performances of their wards. Common questions asked are: how can I improve my child’s memory? How can I make her sharper? His last position was 10th, how can I make him do better next term? Is it village people sucking my child’s intelligence? These are valid questions. And a parent only wants what’s best for his/her child. Although there are many factors that may constitute to the outcome of a child’s mental capacity even before birth, village people isn’t one of them. But not to worry, there are some ways you can improve your child’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

1. Good Ol’ breastfeeding: This is science here. Breast milk is best. Exclusive breast feeding is guaranteed to boost your child’s IQ ‘7.5points more in elementary aged children’, says a study. Aside from the other benefits of bonding, building a child’s immunity and the other nutritious benefits of the breast milk to the baby, breast milk is good for some brain mater.

2. Fish and green vegetables: foods rich in Omega 3 are great for nerve development and fishes like Salmon and Sardine are packed with those. Pairing fishes with Vegetables is a nutritious way to boost your child’s IQ. Vegetables contain Iron, copper and zinc. These are all essential micronutrients, necessary for brain development.

3. Nuts: Are you going nuts? Because walnuts are the nuts for you. Pictured just like a little brain, they also have that Omega 3 fatty acids that helps the nerve cells. Peanuts and almonds are also known to have antioxidants that get rid of the toxic substances the body is often exposed to that may be harmful to kids.

4. Sleep: Sleep is important for a child’s neural development. The doctor recommends that 8 hours is enough. It’s no use taking your child for an all night vigil to cast out the demon of dullness when a good night sleep can go a long way to improving memory. So, let that child sleep.

5. Reading: As a child, my father would buy different books on science, nature, the human body and machines. Those books, filled with colorful illustrations stirred my interest in the human body. If you want your child to be sharper at school, enable an environment for reading. Buy books, set aside a reading time for them. Give them an opportunity to share what they’ve learnt.

6. Interactions: Aside from books, excursions and travels to historical/heritage sites, museums, zoos, libraries, galleries, even the mall can be a learning experience. Discuss with them on what they see on the news. Ask how they remember it. Provide children suited qualitative and quantitative problems for them to solve as this improves reasoning and logic.

These are proven ways to boost your child’s IQ. Don’t worry about any demon zapping your child’s Intelligence or any village person worrying you. And remember, allow your child to be just what he should be – a child. Even Einstein was a late bloomer. *winks*

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