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Preamble: The roundtable discussion organized by Girls Tech Gap attracted reputable activists, NGOs, social influencers whose visions are geared at Economic Gender Balance including Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management, Akwa Ibom State who was in strategic partnership with the organizers. In attendance were the Special Assistant to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State on Entrepreneural Development, Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management Akwa Ibom State, Mrs. Meflyn Awana, Founder, Girls Tech Gap, Emmanuel Etukudo, a UN Ambassador, Mmanti Umoh, MD, Marketa, Eno-Obong Alphonsus, Programs Lead, Youth Alive Foundation, Kingsley Attang, Founder, Smart Mothers Foundation, Sifon Udoh, Founder, CASSE Africa, Gideon Ekanem.

Following accreditation, the discussion was declared open after opening prayer and brief introduction by Emmanuel Etukudo, Founder, Girls Tech Gap.
We, the 25 participants from various NGOs, Social Volunteer Groups and activists met in a roundtable discussion organized by Girls Tech Gap in partnership with Office of the Governor, Entrepreneurial  Development, Directorate of Marketing and Brand management learned and brainstorm on issues bothering economic gender Gap and innovative ways to bridge the Gap.

Observations: Participants at the roundtable observed that:
– This roundtable is a quarterly programme of Girls Tech Gap – leading discussions that bothers on economic gender gap.- The sequence of the discussion was (6) lead presentations from speakers followed by an engaging interactive session. The following lead presentations were made in no particular order: (a) The need to appreciate women who have analytical reasoning and multitasking skills.  (b) The need for collaboration between both genders (c) Make the masculine gender an ally (d) Leveraging the power of collaboration to scale. (e) In-demand skills; a catalyst for Economic Gender Balance (f) The role of government in women participation in politics (g) Feminism, the misinterpretation in the Nigerian context.

Following the discussions and interaction, we the participant at the roundtable adopt the following resolutions:- Women should, as a matter of urgency develop strong interest for collaboration in order to ensure workforce parity. We recognize that men are already leading the conversation, for instance, Girls Tech Gap is an initiative led by a masculine gender.

However, there is a need to support such initiatives in order to ensure sustainability.- The government should ensure active participation of women in politics and promote transparency in policy implementation and reforms especially those that affect women negatively.- We encourage Girls Tech Gap to engage in partnership and collaboration to provide a solid platform to eliminate the economic gender gap.- Girls Tech Gap should make their #1MillionFemaleExperts programme design to train and mentor 1 million women in Africa with In-demand skills slated for next year open to citizens in Nigeria to also participate.- Finally, we are grateful to the roundtable discussion organizer/partner and speakers. We also commend their wonderful hospitality.

Meflyn Anwana, Special Assistant, Entrepreneurial Development, Directorate of Marketing and Brand Management, Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Etukudo, Founder,  Girls Tech Gap, Mmanti Umoh, UN Ambassador, Eno-Obong Alphonsus, MD Marketa, Kingsley Attang, Programmes Leade, Youth Alive Foundation, Sifon Udo, Founder Smart mothers Foundation, Gideon Ekanem, Founder, CASSE Africa.

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