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Imagine a world where we were all stuck with old habits learnt from childhood whether good or bad and never got a chance to unlearn, relearn and learn new habits. I definitely can’t imagine that for sure else we will be swimming in a pool of chaos and sheer disgust.

Certain things have become norms in our lives, probably because our parents didn’t know any better and so it was part of our routine growing up, or maybe because some years ago they weren’t popular trends and ignorance had the better of us. These habits or lack of habits have caused us, adults, to be stuck in old ways and routines.

‘Adulting’ has pretty much exposed us to certain rituals we must discontinue to lead better lives and to never be caught “unfresh” again.

So here goes 3 things you should stop doing today:

1. Stop using your bath/body soap on your face.

If there’s anything you need to stop doing today, it’s this.

This is top on my list because I have become a bit of a skincare enthusiast in the past year and I can’t imagine anything else making it to number 1, as I know a lot of people still do this. In the past, skincare meant having a tight skin that felt squeaky if you touched it after a wash and stripped of all oils which left the skin dehydrated, itchy and dry.

But today, skincare has taken the centre stage as more information and education are being done.

This is among the things you should stop doing today because bar soap or body wash should not be used on your facial skin not only because your facial skin is more sensitive and reactive but because they have a higher alkaline which strips the skin of natural oils, dry out the skin which may lead to breakouts/acne.

If you’ve been wondering why you struggle with breakouts ever so often and you’ve been using body soaps except it says body and face cleansers then you need to stop doing this today. Although, I would advise you to stick to strictly facial cleansers. Start a regimen, a skincare regimen that will make your journey to flawless skin smoother.

2. Not using Sunscreen.

There’s a myth that black people don’t wear sunscreen and I’m here to tell you that as long as you walk under the sun, the same sun as a white person or fair person will walk under, then you must wear sunscreen. The sun does not discriminate against any tribe or culture.

Applying sunscreen is an important skin care routine that protects the skin from UV Rays, lowers the risk of skin cancer, evens skin tone and is used for anti-ageing purposes.

It is recommended to use a broad-spectrum of at least SPF 30 every day using the two-finger rule application

Remember, Black does crack.

 3. Run from anything that says Organic.

With the craze for anything and everything organic, organic skincare scares me. I have heard stories of victims, seen pictures and it’s so troubling. Apart from the fact that most/all ingredients used are not declared and written on the product package, most of these organic products are or sometimes have bleaching agents that damage the skin. The DIY world is not exempted. Except for some natural oils, not all-natural oils are good for the skin particularly facial skin as some are comedogenic.

Also, applying herbs and spices on your face is part of the things you should stop doing today because those things should remain in your pot and be used strictly for cooking and not your face. Use only trusted brands and do your research which is so important before getting products.

I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you on the things you should stop doing today.

Your journey to self-care begins when you start being conscious of the seemingly little things.

I'm Adeola, a Lifestyle writer/ Content Creator and lover of all things beautiful.

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