Your favorite artistes smoking morale is not for you

Your favorite artistes smoking morale is not for you

Take a moment, imagine yourself in a booth with Burna boy, he has a blunt in his hand, he takes a huge drag, pops it into the air, then hands you the piece to smoke too, you then get it, drag yours, and oops!

That will be a beautiful moment, right?

The great Steve Jobs once said “The best way I would describe the effect of Marijuana and the hashish is that it would make me relaxed and be creative”.

I was about 14, when I went to a building site with someone close to me as the lead engineer who supervised the construction there, I noticed a certain worker who probably had not taken food nor water that day.

He was weak, sluggish and also under-performed while on duty.

The engineer noticed his poor inputs and ask if he had eaten, his response was no of-course, then he was given money to eat by him.

He took the money, bought too wraps of Weed(Marijuana), and smoked them. Phew!

Moment he resumed work; like a man who was charged with supernatural powers, he started sweating profusely, then his performance rose from zero to hundred real quick. This got to the extent that the guys he was working with, had to plead with him to slow down with his energy, because they could not match his pace.

Let’s get this analogy on the way; perhaps, Marijuana has a mind of its own, it can give it to anyone who smokes it. It also pours in ingenuity to a person who harbors a spliff into their head, sharpening their creative paws with gentle imaginative rush, while crushing every form of no focus to a thorough focus, the best money can buy, gotten from one and only Marijuana. Agreed?

Wizkid in the studio(from Instagram)

Take a sieved look at the picture above, the artist there is never a rookie. He is a World star, from Nigeria, He is one of your favorite. He is currently crowned as the lead of Afro Pop music to the world.

He is in a studio with few people, probably he is done with a recording session, then he cools off with a blunt in his  left hand to refuel his creativity, to maybe go in for another session.

This should almost be his regular behavior before his creative mojo is unleashed, like a box of magic filled with powerful spells.

When it comes to ‘smoking-sensce’, Wizkid is never a coward in showing off that he is a tree burning lover, he does so with swag, and he is slow to the groove of doing it with any form of high hygiene. Sincerely, bad energy is far from his smoking abilities, and skills.

Davido does not joke with spliff too. He is a heavy smoker, and he is always swift in smoking, and putting it into the eyes of his teaming fans. In this video below, he pops it while he is partially unclad, half way into a record with the rave of the industry – Duncan Mighty. He feels very charged, looking very active and gingered in what seems like the recording session was done in the night, he is seen singing along with a new record as he confidently holds his blunt on his left hand.

Trips with da legend @duncanmighty !! OBO x @duncanmighty X @peruzzi_vibes !🔊🔊 to ya speakers soon!! @fresh_vdm as always!!!!

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Burna Boy on the other hand is also a weed lover. He emphasized his love for it in one of his song ‘Smoke some weed’. He subtly protested; ‘how would you like to smoke some weed’ in the record.

To put this in black and white, Burna Boy found a lover. And you know how people who find love behave? They don’t care, nothing matters to them, the world is closed at them, just as the two of them are also closed against the world. With the dopamine and oxytocin pumped copiously in their brain, there is a sweet sensation that clogs their eyes from seeing anything else rather than their love for each other.

Burna is the man who wants you to love what he loves, the Marijuana. He is calling you to join him in smoking, he is even suggesting the way and how you could love to smoke yours.

Burna Boy,

Burna Boy (Instagram)

As Starboy as Davido, Burna is never shy away from openly showing off his love for the ‘African Grass’, as portrayed by the legendary Fela Kuti, who also was in mad love with Marijuana.

So what do we gain from their smoking morale?

When your favorites artiste get into high mood, they earn a springboard to their collective creativeness. It takes them to a realm of focus, full of fictive spirits, such that nothing matters, only thoughts that will inspire love, bring happiness, cause the world to dance, and bring feel good moments, with sometimes, something to protest against the polity, driving their mind conversation in incubation, rumination and brooding, that will finally lead to a music record.

In continuum, the percolated drive of clear thoughts, emotions, and words of music ringing through their minds also evolves.

Marijuana brings to them the magic moments of thoughts stimulation and simulations that leads to mind ‘freeness’, killing absurdity, building boldness and delivering blueprints of creative works to them, before we can even say jack, a hit song is already recorded.


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Back to my cover story, after watching that brother smoked his weakness back to energy, I criticized him in my mind. I was like; for how long will he continue to smoke to work, for how long will he depend on it. Then I queried further like, why will people even smoke.

I have not been a smoker, I have not been on the high side with Marijuana, but I have worked closely with artistes, creatives, and other people who needed focus to bring creativity. I found out that most of them were in their best behaviors of creativity when they were stimulated by either Marijuana or maybe alcohol.

Topping their creative dexterity in delivering non-spurn creative, non-diminutive works, marred greatly with excellence, was when their mind got up roaring with thoughts aroused by Marijuana.

From this, will you divulgely agree in tandem of understanding on why your favorite artistes smokes?

In addition, will you smoke because you saw Wizkid, or Davido or Burna Boy smoked?

Jokes on you. Conscience on you too.

Will you also smoke because you need energy to execute task like the dude I shared his story?

Energy jokes on you too.

Take this from me; any of the moment you see your favorites music acts smoke on Camera, it is actually a smoking for the Camera. Did you get that?

Let me rephrase; when you see music artistes smoke, they actually smoke for real. Maybe you have not missed the point yet.

But, why will you kill your morale to join them in smoking, have you lost your home training yet?

Take your time and read this; there is nothing wrong with smoking. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is your lives choice to do it, you take it, you enjoy it, live by its and wait for its consequences. Life choices ensues, and enshrines consequences. Never forget that.

In furtherance of my discussion, a publication on, published by Rachel Hosie, on 16th Nov, 2017, suggested that Marijuana users are more creative than non-users.

And in this article, I picked and raised emphasis on Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy as your favorites artistes who smokes, how they smoke, more so, how Marijuana enhances their artistic creative prowess, and what they gain from it.

So I ask again, do you really wanna smoke?

The answer to this question is in the paragraph just above the one before this one, you go up a bit, read it, you will find the sublimed message in it.

So therefore; this is why I to you say that; ‘Your favorite artiste smoking morale is not for you’, go look for your own reason to smoke yourself.


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