Yang 21 Makes a Strong Statement with Shukura

Yang 21 Makes a Strong Statement with Shukura

Like every industry in Nigeria that keeps booming with a pool of talents everyday, so does the Nigeria music industry keeps churning out new talents that are taking the world by storm.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s make welcome a very promising acts in the music scene who is showing forth qualities of a music sensation.

Yo, the new kid in the bloc when it has to do with good feel good music is YANG 21.


The Afro Pop singer made a resounding entry last year with a cover of Teni’s hit song, CASE where he showed what he is made of; his sound, vibe, vocals and dexterity, followed by Etowa his first official single.

Yang 21 is an amazing talent with an extraordinary voice that qualifies him to be given the super star tag.

He has a new single titled: Shukura, currently banging across radio stations in the country.

On his new single, Shukura, Yang 21 keeps it 100% with his modulation, lyrics and laid of vocals on the song.

Shukura is not your regular song, as Yang adores his supposed girlfriend on the song, promising her true love without being unapologetic about the confession of love to her.

’’One hundred thou
Hundred thousand
In case you never know oh
I got you on my mind like 24/7
Only you got the keys to my heart
Baby they don’t really understand
You got a brother feeling fine’’.

The opening of the song indicates that Yang 21 is good songwriter that will grow to become a force to reckon with in the industry.

As he keeps unfolding what he has in stock for his fan base, we definitely can’t wait to see what the talented vocalist has under his sleeves for us.