Will The Attempt To Call On EFCC For A Petition Against Hushpuppi By Kcee Hold Water?

Will The Attempt To Call On EFCC For A Petition Against Hushpuppi By Kcee Hold Water?

Except for one who is living inside the rocks, the news about Hushppupi insulting popular Nigerian Artistes, Phyno and Ice Prince is what is trending right now and getting people talking on social media.

Hushpuppi, the ‘rich kid’, who is known for his extravagant show-off of wealth and seemingly rich lifestyle on social media launched an attacked on Phyno and Ice Prince telling them that they wear fake clothes and chains. The rich kid later pulled another stunt towards Phyno, offering to give him a whooping 5million naira if he proves that his wrist watch wasn’t imitation.

In an attempt to respond to the attack, Kcee, took to his instagram page to issue out a letter to Hushpuppi, allegedly saying that he might start a petition calling on EFCC to investigate Hushpuppi’s source of income.

The drama that this whole attack ensued on social media might rather be taken to the street for a physical combats if effort to involve the police or the right authorities for reconciliation is not done.

Lots of persons from Phyno’s camp, including his loyal fans on social media came out to warn Husspuppi never to step his foot in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Zoro, a famous rapper who has close relationship with Phyno made his intention known to Hushpuppi via twitter, that if he ever crosses the East, he will beat him up.

EFCC, a known financial crime institution was dragged into this issue by Kcee and the commission might just be interested in this case. Especially in this era of curbing corruption in Nigeria, the institution may likely call on Husspuppi to answer some questions about his wealth. Who knows?

The big question goes, if Kcee succeeds in sending an official written petition to EFCC to investigate Husspuppi’s source of wealth, will it actually hold water? Any evidence to back up his assertion, questioning Hushpuppi’s wealth?

Despite Husspuppi’s display of wealth on social media, no news has ever surfaced, stating that he is into some illegal venture.

Kcee, said out-rightly that Ice Prince and phyno has a traceable source of income, that Husspuppi’s source of wealth should be given a critical check.

This case might go beyond mere exchange of hate speeches on the internet; something should be done to stop this utter of attacks before it escalates to something else.

Let’s watch as the drama unfolds. Shall we?

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