Why Enterpreneurship Should Be Introduced In Secondary Schools

The secondary schools Across the African region has a conventional Educational system that has been practiced right from time immemorial till this date.

In Nigeria, we have the 6-3-3-4 Educational system which every young person must undergo. The system has worked for the country over the years. This is the same system that every smart, dull and intelligent fellow in Nigerian has passed through. You can never jump from secondary school to University in Nigeria if you don’t go through junior and senior secondary classes. This has been the standard for several decades up till now.

Education has played a major role in all facet of the Nigerian child. Secondary schools in particular across Nigeria have been programmed in a unique way, such that, it offers every Nigerian child the common ground to learn and develop his mental prowess.

If you take a walk through to all the streets in Africa as a whole, Entrepreneurship is the new narrative. The Universities across the African region area not left out as thousands of start-ups are doing amazing stuffs that gives them money. Entrepreneurship has become an unavoidable sermon preached to the young folks in different campuses. Everyone is catching up with the trend of involving in one business or the other to make ends meet

Advocating the introduction of Entrepreneurship as a core subject in Secondary schools should be very paramount to everybody. There is clear fact that Entrepreneurs drive the growth of the Economy positively.

In the western world, Entrepreneurship is practiced religiously, such that citizens are job creators.

A striking reason why Entrepreneurship should be considered as a subject in secondary schools is because students will have first-hand opportunity to learn the art and science of Entrepreneurship at this age. Catching them young is a rule we should replicate in this matter. Teaching the secondary school pupils Entrepreneurship will expose them to what lies ahead to them in future and will help in self-discovery.

A perfect timing in secondary schools to introduce Entrepreneurship should be from the senior class because at this stage, the youngsters must have become wiser.

Exposing the children in secondary schools to Entrepreneurial courses tailored to their scheme of work will help them build up their finance capacity early enough.

If by chance, such policy as Entrepreneurship is given go-ahead to be taught in high schools, the children will be equipped with a good background in business.

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