What Makes A ‘Song’ A Hit Song?

What Makes A ‘Song’ A Hit Song?

First time I listened to Shape Of You by Ed Sheran I fell in love with it. The beat put me on the spot to move my body side by side. Then I went further to give a careful listen to the lyrics, then immediately, i bought into the emotions he sold with the song. I could relate with it. It was my story. The girl I met at the wrong place has put me on the spot to fall in love.

Ed Sheran (from Billboard)

This moved me to stream the song repeatedly, until I was tired of streaming it, then I downloaded it. Today, it is my personal property, I owned it. I can listened to it at my leisure time, and it is always giving me the goose-bumps any time I press play on it. Always, and always.

For every artistes or song writer out there, one of their preponderant aim is to put a hit song out there. A hit song can turn around the career of an artiste, it can bring all the returns in investment to a record label, it can also call for several awards, it can put smiles on the face of the music lovers, it can shape and change the world with a positive message, and it can make people dance in parties and clubs. It is timeless, at any time being played, the same influence it had at the period of release will be experienced subsequently. However, a hit song might not be a timeless-evergreen song and an evergreen song can be a hit song at vice versa.

Putting a perspective on this, we will be dealing with Afro Pop genre combining it the with the type of music that Ed Sheran does to buttress our point.

Good song.

A good song is a song that comes with a good feel. I just need to listen to it and feel good. It also comes with it soul. Just reading a title like “African Bad Gyal- Wizkid ft. Chris Brown” I find it decent to know that the song is in it own world-The badness in an African girl is the song that will make African ladies feel good anywhere in the world, this is a simple way to understand this.

From the caption, there is a seeing, feeling, hearing, music-lyrics, clear intentions and execution from the artistes involved. No Pon Intended on this song, just to emphasize my point that “African Bad Gyal” is a song that has it own soul, lives in it world and sends a clear cut message of a good song.

Wizkid and Chris Brown pose for a picture

There is also a great song.

Let me put my perception on this, a hit song is not a great song and a great song is not a hit song at vice versa. Get this analogy, lets say we are at a party or a club, a DJ plays a certain song and everybody in the building turns up .After the party, nobody goes to play the song, stream nor buys it. That song is probably a great song that is not a hit song or a hit song that is not a great song, either which way. I don’t really want to put an example on this.

If you ask people, why do you like a song, you will hear something like, I like a song because of the sound or tune, others will say, because of the beat. Only few people really give a Bronx cheer of how a song was brilliantly written.

Therefore, what really makes a song a great song? Again we pick another Wizkid’s song for a case study. This time, Come Closer ft. Drake comes to mind. There is a part in the hook that goes “yeah…yeah, yeah…yeah, yeah…yeah, yeah…yeah, yeah…yeah, yeah.. Baby come closer yeah,” this is the first thing that hits you with that song right? It is catchy, it clenches, it takes a hold of you with a great connect and most of the time you wont even know when you joined in singing along the yeah yeah thingy, Isn’t it? Now, this is just like another love song, delivered in such a plain way, and it will pass the test of a great song any time, any day, because of the uniqueness to connect with lots and lots of people, and it delivers a message that is clear, simple, catchy, and easy to relate with.

Wizkid and Drake (from Pulse.ng)

what is a hit song.

This is the final part of this subject. However, I want to juxtapose our reflection with the story I expressed about the song ”Shape of you” by Ed in the first and second paragraph of this article. We will establish some fact and figures to explain this.

On chart. Shape Of You was released few days into 2017. In no time, it stamp-down to become the top song in the hot 100 singles. It was there for 12 consecutive frames. Although it has been displaced now, according to Billboard, shape of you has now spent the most weeks inside top 5 since debuting there. In other words, the catchy pop single has now lived between number 1 and 5 in it entire charting life, a very impressive 20 consecutive weeks.

Ed Sheran (from Instagram)

On streaming. The song has broken the Uk record of the most viewed song. It has now surpass a massive 184 millions streams of One Dance according to official charts company. The single is currently hanging the title of most selling song of the year in the Uk.

I can go on and on to reel out fact and figures of this song. This is to paint a picture of what a hit song should be and “Shape Of You” is an example.

In conclusion, a hit song combines both good and great songs together, it is very popular, widely played, best selling, top of music chart, massive radio airplay, and numerous downloads. It does not have the problem of appeal, catchy, relating, simplicity and connectivity. It is timeless and evergreen. It is the type you would stream, download, and own so you can play at your leisure time. This is what a hit song is.






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