Did SKALES Do Justice To “The Never Say Never Guy” Album Title?

Did SKALES Do Justice To “The Never Say Never Guy” Album Title?

Did SKALES Do Justice To “The Never Say Never Guy” Album Title?

Skales Album Art Cover (from Instagram)

I have the Biggest Grass to Grace Story Ever,”― SKALES at the industry ‘Nite’ during his album listening party.

Analysing this assertion and connecting it to the album title― “THE NEVER SAY NEVER GUY,” music lovers can access the bond between his declaration and, couple with the fact that his affirmation is not only inspirational but it represent this album title, giving an insight to the day to day hustle, hope, fate and the daring success mentality of many Nigerians who also have their grass to grace story to tell.

SKALES (from Instagram)

Let’s assume, SKALES has set a table filled with different kinds of assorted food items ranging from the appetizer, to the main meal, then to the dessert and the rest of them. The reason he has done this is because he wants to eat and dine with his fans, friends and well-wishers through his music. This table is “THE NEVER SAY NEVER GUY” album title, and the different meals on it are the tracks on the album.

SKALES who also popularizes the phrase S-2-D-K’ as his ”A.K.A”, begins with dishing out “THANK GOD” which is track number -1 on the album. This is the appetizer to introduce the next meal.  This song passes as the most delicious meal and the indicator is to stress his never say never mentality to all who are ready to eat with him on the table he has set before them.

Lyrically, he thanked God for the better life and then goes ahead to share his experience of growing up only with his mother. He vibes about the pain; the tears, the hustle, the growth and climax of his hustle. The sound is a low tempo reggae beat, controlled with light rhythmic kicks on it.

This meal taste sweet, sumptuous and literally very inspirational, and is quite close to the main hit song or has almost justify the album title.

Then he goes ahead to feed them with the next song which is “MAMA” at track no.2.

At this point, “S-2-D-K” unravels his epic story, the feel of how his mom played major role in raising him up single-headedly without his dad. But, was it deep and punchy enough to justify the title of this Album?

Then, there is a diversion in the rest of the songs. From “GBEFUN ONETIME” ft. BURNA BOY at number 3 to “FEEL GOOD” ft. PJ MORTON (MAROON 5,) the taste of the meal is now different. The subsequent tracks (meal) lacks  depth and inspiration. There are all laced with either bragging, cocky or sensual wordings. This has left the hopeful hopeless, the fate filled now feared. All those who came to eat on this table are placed on a weighing scale that is unbalance. As they eat on, they encourage each other hoping they’ll find something to get inspired on again.

Withal, the “SHAKE BODY” hit singer  returns  them back  on track. He brings in “LAVISH.”  The song has come close again to identifying with his title at track number 12. This meal is served hot, and it is subjugated with feel good lyrics and few inspirational lines. Although this feel good song sounds ‘dope’ while perceiving it aroma from a  distance,  but when placed on  the taste bud, it taste slightly different too. It only came close. This is the dessert of this meal. However, the meal seems unsatisfactory. It seems not enough. It leaves a part of the tummy unfilled.

They want some more. Their appetite is becoming high again. They want more of the “THANK GOD,” “MAMA” and, “LAVISH”songs. As they look down to the remaining tracks to find their appetite back, the meal is no longer inspirational. They are just to fill the tummy. Even, with the extra food or the bonus tracks, the story is still coarse to ignore what the album title reflects on.

Without sounding critical, SKALES should  have done more to justify his album title? He would  have  grind harder with his message and  stories. He should have focused on emphasizing on the hope, fate and believe to his music fans with more tracks to inspire them. He should have prepared more sumptuous meal, spiced with ’Tatashi pepper’ and served very hot to the people he invited to come dine with him to enjoy their food.

So, if the invitees who came to eat and dine with SKALES on the table he set before them are to lean on the pulse that has pumped the muscle of their inspiration through this Album with tracks such as; “THANK GOD,” “MAMA” and “LAVISH”.  Will they achieve anything? Will they win? will they succeed? Will the never say never mentality that SKALES seeks to instil, install and communicates help them with the push to break to the fore with their hustle?

Nevertheless, SKALES shouldn’t be blamed, because he  is only serving Nigerians with the  kind of album, the  kind of sound, the kind of lyrics and the kind of stories they demand for. After all, he has to make money, and  he also  has to bring return on investment to his record label. The people he invited only came to eat, nobody cared to ask about the kind of meal that was on the menu list.

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