Unyime Etuk: ‘’My Art Work For Gov. Udom Emmanuel Is The Highest Feat In My Career So Far’’

Unyime Etuk: ‘’My Art Work For Gov. Udom Emmanuel Is The Highest Feat In My Career So Far’’

‘’Having a university degree in Nigeria today is a pre-requisite in placing one on the high par of educational status-quo, but having a talent or skill is what gives one an edge as a graduate. This is the story of Unyime Etuk, a young talented Hyper-realistic Artist from Akwa ibom State, whose skill has taken him places’’.  


Brief description about him?             

My name is UNYIME ETUK, a graduate of the Department of Physics from University of Uyo. I am from from Mbribit Itam, in Itu LGA, Akwa Ibom State.

How It All Started?

I started when I was in Secondary school, ran into some senior student in my school, saw them making art work with pencil and I fell in love with what they were doing. Hence, I decided to learn how to shade and make good drawing with pencil. Since then, I’ve been drawing, improving and learning every day. I have a burning passion for hyper-realism drawing and painting.

Transition from Physics To Arts?

Physics is what I studied in the University, but, navigating my way to Arts, and everything involving Arts is because of my deep passion for drawing and painting.

About Hyper-realistic Drawing As His Major?

I love drawing a lot with my pencil. As you know, Hyper-realistic drawing is a type of art work that gives the same impression that digital photography present. I love it because it gives all the details found on the subject of references.

On His Hyper-realistic Style Of Drawing?

My drawing centres on picking a reference photo and making it look same as the one on the photo. I try my best to infuse much creativity into whatever subject I draw.


An art work is most appreciated if taken to a photo studio and snapped with a digital camera. Sometimes, I find it very difficult trying to get a good photographer that will give me exactly the shot I want after doing my part in drawing a particular subject. So, getting a digital camera for myself becomes one of my challenges.

 On sells for Clients?

I rarely do arts and put it up for sale. What I do basically is commissioned piece. I mean an Art work that is being requested by my client and I get paid when done. I’ve also done art work of prominent people and celebrities. When I post it on my social media pages and it gets viral and circulated in various media platforms, more clients will definitely call and I’d strike a deal immediately.


On the Art work Done For Gov. Udom Emmanuel?

I must say that I feel blessed already. I am so excited that my work got to Governor Udom Emmanuel. This is more like the highest feat in my career so far since I started.

Other Hyper-realistic Artist As Mentors?

Yeah, I look up to Kelvin Okafor, Harinzeart, Oscar Okunu, Ayo Draws, Isimi Taiwo and others too numerous to mention.

On What Gives Him Inspiration?

Whenever I pick up my tools to draw, I love watching music videos by Davido. I love how he put so much energy in his delivery. That in itself gives me so much inspiration.

Most Favourite Art Work?

I think it’s the one I did for the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. My beloved Governor…lol

About using AKEES pencil to draw?

I feel very happy, being that it is produced in Akwa Ibom State. I wish they could make me their Ambassador; it will go a long way in pushing the brand.

Fair girls or dark?

Black is beautiful jorr. Lol

Between Davido and Wizkid?


Advice To People Aspiring To Be Like You?

Discover what you’re good at, stay focused on it, think big and pray hard.



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