Udy Uche’s ‘You Got Me Covered’ was all I suggested, and my friend got saved from depression

Udy Uche’s ‘You Got Me Covered’ was all I suggested, and my friend got saved from depression

– Back in my university days I had a lovely friend, for the purpose of her privacy, I will give her a pseudo name which Will be ‘Grace’.

– I  offered her music. Music out of thrall, music that offers embrace, warmth, assurance, promise and love.

Friendship for me has been golden over the years. I have earn so many fortunes through friends. From gifts materials, connects, care, love, money, jobs and many more. Also, friendship at some point  in my life was a big pin in the butt. It caused me so many losses, cutting deep into my emotions, my make up and my psychological wiring, sending me into a place of self-pity, hate and inferiority complex. How, I managed to fight those small demons that ate me up into depression, only God knows the courage he wailed in me to be bold enough to come out of it.

Back in my university days, I had a lovely friend, for the purpose of her privacy, I will give her a pseudo name which will be ‘Grace’. she was kind, caring, lovely, supportive above all, she was a friend in need and indeed. She was from a fairly rich home, and she never for once lived like she was a rich child in school. That decoy way had helped her to be able to connect with everyone in class no matter the level and class.

We graduated from school, after which we messed up our connects for over seven years. For all those years, we never heard from each other not until recently, we bumped into each other in a mall here in Lagos.

With a long gown, looking pale and slimy, the fair looking, stout shaped Grace had wrinkle on her face. She held onto a little boy of about five years old, while she looked ten times different from the lively Grace I knew as my colleague in school.

Just as I was about to sort my ticket so I can go inside the cinema-duplex to watch my already booked movie, I had a tab on my shoulder. Soon as i turned, i heard ‘Hi Uwem’.

Now, right after my Secondary School days, if you were not very close to me, maybe related by blood or having some relationship, you will most likely know me as Brown, my surname. So, for someone to call me Uwem in Lagos that I recently relocated to, means the person had known me from way back.

For about 49 seconds, I was blank. I could not place her face on my head. No way will I ever think that Grace of ivory rich home, will look like a drained, hungry and battered beggar  from Lagos. She echoed, ‘Uwem it is me Grace’, then I gave a sieved look on her face, I saw sowething i could use to recognise her. A buddie on her face, that has forever been just behind her left nostril, I could snap that memory back, then I out of being astounded, i muttered ‘Grace is this you’, then she responded, ‘yes, it is I, Uwem’. What happened to you? With keen interested, I asked. I saw tears rolling out of her eyes down her cheeks, that is when I knew it was beyond a surprised and coincidental meeting of my old friend just about seven years after graduating from school.

Held her by the hand, while she held the hand of her five-year old boy which was her son, I took them to the mall’s waiting room, so we could talk. She told me of how her father died, immediately we left school, her uncles came in and confiscated all the properties and left nothing for her mom and siblings, and how a man who promised her marriage, impregnated and abandoned her, how she relocated to Lagos, so she could hide from most of the embarrassment she faced, how that she lost her job, how she was doing more as a single mom to take care of her son, how everything about life had weighed her into depression. Before I could realize myself, the movie duration had passed. My feet’s were shaking, my hands went cold while I was listening to her ‘wawu’ story, who could have thought that Grace could fall from the high to now, the very low?

I could not take it, so I offered to take her and her son to my place. Made her comfortable while I thought of what to do to help her out of her precarious state. I gave her money, but deep down me, I knew that was not what she needed. This was someone who was emotionally battered, psychologically rattled, and I could guess, maybe she was considering suicide, just maybe.

I needed to touch her spirit, her soul, I needed to cause a revamp from the inside, so I could achieve the lively Grace I knew back.

I had a thoughts, should I give her books in addition to the money I gave to her, that won’t connect the way I want. So, I decided to use the same weapon I used in coming out of depression, when I faced one as aforementioned above caused by close friends. Music.

Music was what i used. my balm and therapy for healing out of depression.

I  offered her music. Music out of thrall, music that offers embrace, warmth, assurance, promise and love.

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The first song that came to my head was Udy Uche’s “You Got Me Covered”, I had some doubt, if it will cut the snack and deal deeply to what I wanted to achieve in my personal rehab of Grace. But, I had some trust, so I introduce her to the record. I gave her a first hand listen. I instructed her to open up her consciousness to the message the song presented. On the third replay of the song, she broke down in tears again.

She confessed to me, ‘I do not have issues with my uncles who rendered us homeless, I have issues with my ex-man, who promised me marriage and abandoned me with this child. I swore I will never forgive him, while she kept sobbing, so I told her, it is time to let go. I importuned her to forgive him and start anew. While still crying, she screamed, I have forgiven him, twice, it was like a burden left her shoulder in a snap.

Fast forward to a month later, Grace is back on her feet. She is lively and glowing again. Everyday, I wake up to a thank you text on my phone from her, telling me of how grateful she is, that I helped her through Udy Uche’s song to recover from depression. Then I wanted to find out more, so I asked, which part of the song hit her, she said the part that the artist kept singing, ‘You are so mindful of me, God was mindful of her, and the part he kept repeating in the hook that God got her covered, those were the moment she realize, that she does not need to hold onto any man in her heart, that all she needed was let go of her losses, with the hope that “God Has Got Her Covered”, cause his mercies overflow.

Just a couple of days ago, Grace call to tell me that her former employees had called her back to work, and they have doubled her pay as she sounded so happy on the phone.

Depression is real. So many people in this world are suffering from it. Some people do not know how they will come out of it, some may even perish depressed. Next time you see someone going through depression, look for a way to help the person to come out of it. Whether, with a book, a song, just do something to help the depressed.

DOWNLOAD: You Got Me Covered By Udy Uche

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