Udeme Etibensi Marks 35th Birthday with show of benevolence to Okro Seller, gifts her 1M Naira

Udeme Etibensi Marks 35th Birthday with show of benevolence to Okro Seller, gifts her 1M Naira

Udeme Etibensi Marks 35th Birthday with show of benevolence to Okro Seller, gifts her 1M

The notion that says: ‘‘Givers never lack,’’ is one that resonates with everyone in our contemporary society today. People who have taken the philanthropic path are usually blessed beyond human comprehension.

Interestingly, It is difficult for people that have demonstrated the attitude of giving, ever experience a life of lack.

The above analogy rightly sync with the story of Udeme Etibensi, an International Entrepreneur, who marked her birthday lately with show of gesture to an Okro seller that used to give her okro on credit way back when she was swimming in poverty.

Apart from the Okro seller she gifted a one million naira check, she also extended this act of kindness to other budding entrepreneurs as support to their business.

Here’s her story:

‘’Few years ago she paid Love & Kindness forward…

This woman would have been justified if she slammed her door in my face because of the frequent times I’d go to ‘beg’ for Okro on credit to feed a family of 5!

(My maid Esther who is now a graduate lived with us so she was family number 5).

I was a graduate, a mother of two and a French teacher who could barely feed due to owed salaries.

There was nothing I didn’t sell, from hair extensions picked up on credit from Pastor Peace Andy and funds remitted after sales (even when I was pregnant for Favored), to teaching home lessons, dance tutorials etc

It was a cycle until I said ENOUGH!!!🙅🏽‍♀️

August 2013, I decided to run my life by design, no longer by default — I started out on my entrepreneurial journey with LONGRICH.

Moved out of that vicinity, traveled the world, luxury became a lifestyle…

Udeme with the Okro Seller

but whenever I drove past that neighborhood I had a nudge to visit with this angel and her family who had compassion in her quiver.

1m naira cash/ food stuff and a shop paid for 2years (500,000).

To Embert Albert I don’t have the words for this young lady, she designs all my tees (she’s been doing this since 2013)

Embert Albert receiving her check

She mentioned passively to someone that if she had 500,000 she’d bring in machines to help her do better.

We always have what we say☺️

P.S – Did I mention that she designed the Ankara Travis Greene wore when he visited Uyo?!

Utonne Ekefre is one lady cobbler I admire, she’s a pride to this state and nation for such creativity in a ‘male dominated’ industry.

Latonnesignatures receiving her check

She needs 2.5m to import her complete set of machines(feel free to reach out to her too)😊

500,000 off

Builtry conference hosted by Obinna CEO of Digital Suite had 3 start ups I’d picked up to support.

100,000 & 50,000 to 2 recipients

I strongly believe that there’s a BIG in everyone…

Just FOCUS and build because “Focus gets everyone a spot!”

It’s a throw back to my 35th Birthday Celebration🥂

I must confess that this has been my best birthday thus far…

I got to live again, feel again and see things in the light of what really matters in life!

Thank you for allowing me be a part of the reason you smiled on my birthday😊 💚💚💚

So grateful to my bestie Ayodele Dami

And the WC team who accompanied me🙏🏻

Esther Udotai

Joyce Jimm

Ruth Thompson

Joshua Joe

Pls tag them💜’