Tips That Indicates Your Girlfriend Has Your Mumu Button

Tips That Indicates Your Girlfriend Has Your Mumu Button

In trying to define what ‘mumu button’ means, you can’t seem to go wrong if you’d agree that it is basically a ‘soft spot button’ that a person has that can make them compromise or do things unusually. Mumu Button is also a pidgin word that implies a man’s weakness spot or uncontrolled emotions that can be detected and used against him by his partner.

There are lots of men involved in relationship who practically becomes a victim of this ‘Mumu Button’ discourse. Some men are not even aware that their ladies are fond of using their ‘mumu button’ to play with their emotions, to eventually get whatever they wish.

Let’s take a look at few factors that can pass as ‘Mumu Button’ scenario where ladies use against their men.

Familiar With Your Soft-Spot                  

You will basically recollect those romantic moments you’ve spent with your girlfriend, how she was able to get you unnecessarily emotional. Remember vividly, those sweet-nothings and her ‘sweet-talking’ manner of getting your attention fixed on her. How about the gifts you’ve showered your girl occasionally even without her demanding for it. All these instances are few indications that your girlfriend knows your soft spot or mumu button to press.

Cajoles You

There is a strong indication that when your girlfriend cajoles you a lot and you unconsciously fall for the trap all the time; that can be portrayed as a ‘Mumu button’ factor side by side. Every man has a mumu botton and it takes a smart girlfriend to make the most use of it against his man positively or negatively. Sometimes, when your girl plays those tricks to get favours easily or gets you to sign that check, it means she has your Mumu button on her finger tips and can press it anytime.

 Knows the Right Spot to touch 

Every man has a part in his body that depicts his weakness. That one part that will make him get into a state where he can’t control his emotions. It can be when a lady is giving her man a hand job, blow job, hot sex or French kissing. During this period, the man completely loses his grip of what to say, what decision to take and how to make that decision to his advantage.

Sometimes, during orgasm, a man can be practically senseless. He can also be a ‘mumu,’ turning in to say yes at every question and demands his woman throws at him.

Flatters You

There is this general saying that words are powerful. Overtime, you’d recall that your girl has been using this mumu button factor with intent to get whatever she desires. When she is fond of pouring encomiums on you just to get your head swell and possibly get you head over hills, that itself is a case of you falling for her ‘Mumu Button’ tricks.




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