STATE OF THE KULTURE: What If Kizz Daniel’s FvckYouChallenge Was A Protest Theme Against SARS

STATE OF THE KULTURE: What If Kizz Daniel’s FvckYouChallenge Was A Protest Theme Against SARS

At the aftermath, music will continue to be a strong Weapon without a physical plant located somewhere at North Korea, seasoned to move a mob to change a status-quo. But how many artists are willing to solve crisis with a blast of it”.

Kizz Daniel, who successfully moved from the shenanigans that plagued his career recently, during the transition period of him leaving his former record label G Worldwide to form a personal imprint-Fly Boy Inc’ with completing and releasing his most recent sophomore album ‘No Bad Song’, started his 2019 with a brand new single titled; ‘Fvck You’, which for some extent has held down music conversations for as long as the song has been enjoying an overwhelming welcome and reception.

His roll out plan has seen him rely on user generated content (UGC)- using his social media channels to create a unique hastag called #FvckYouChallenge, crowd sourcing with a challenge to his colleagues to jump on the trend to share their perspectives with a short video accompanying it as a cover of the original piece.

The wave of the ‘Fvck You’ song by the artistes who most music enthusiasts tag with ‘No Bad Song’ has been so strong as artistes in Nigeria, and beyond have also joined up the challenge. From Ghana, to Kenya, to South Africa, and even as far as in America, more artistes have waded on the challenge to share one view or the other, making a unique cover over the original song.

The song itself is an expressive record produced by the virtuoso; Young John, laced with emotional lamentations of Kizz Daniel; who was in love with a light skin lady, faithful to stupor, just for him to find out that she is a promiscuous music industry toast, a groupie lady on sexual loose, whose hobby is to sleep around with other a-listed act, like Wizkid, Don Jazzy, etc as listed by Kizz Daniel on the song, to gain social gratification.

The roll call for cover’s, on the song has been superb, and on several numerous spree by music acts, as a good number of them have grabbed the opportunity to be heard. Even those who have not said anything musically meaningful in the last decade, have like a cricket hiding in a dark closet, found the remaining piece to the puzzle of their trumpet to blow a sound just to be heard.

The campaign has cut so deep on the Nigerian music culture such that; a retired female rapper-Eva Alordiah, also found her way out of music retirement to jump on the trend, where she in one of the longest cover judge and cancel sublimely, her lover’s in the past.

The up and coming artists have also found a level playing field to push their music. For them, it is seen as an utmost opportunity to be heard. Many of them have recorded their cover, and posted on with the hastag, with hope that will make it to Kizz’s page. They jump on his TL to create a reminder and disturb him to post or repost their own version, so they could have that big screen view on the campaign.

If we are to place a report feedback on the campaign so far, the best contents have been reeled out by the up and coming acts.

Will you agree?

Nigerian Comedians?

They are fully represented on the trend. Bovi, BasketMouth and Ay, have fully fired their shots on the trend, making different covers on the piece of record.

Everyone who has a badge as an artist has found a way to be heard. The ‘Fvck You Challenge’ by Kizz Daniel has created a flow pattern that has allowed many acts to meander a course on the campaign. The parlance created, is like the paraphrased clitch; life is a bed of roses, aesthetically gardened to help all men have a good rest on it, only for a few who were not raised to sleep on bed made with roses to scatter it. On this stage; everyone is not daring to be heard, a springboard to leap on is made for; whether the conversion is palatable, nuance, lamentations, sublime, summary, or poetic, the open challenge is giving everyone a ground to plant, water and grow what has been laid laden in their hearts.

Besides, the conversations around the song, the successful roll out campaign, and the wider acceptance the record is enjoying, as pushed by Kizz Daniels, his colleagues; both the a-listed and the up and coming artists, Nigerian Comedians and other artistes who have joined up to have their voice heard, is a house hold problem, created by the one of the state failures of Nigeria- the unchecked corrupt and illegal activities of exploits, and killings of an arm of the Nigerian Police; Special Anti Robbery Squad, tagged as SARS.

SARS which hones the primary function of investigating and prosecuting serious and complex criminal cases within and outside Nigeria, has morphed into a terrorising group of cultists, who have the sole aim of exploiting the Nigerian citizens. As though the exploitations were not enough, they are trigger happy. Any arguments, or disagreements with citizens, who will not oblige to their exploitations, is a gun on the head, with shots fired on to squeeze life out of a helpless Nigerian, who is facing bad economy, bad health care, poor power supply and several short supplies of social needs.

This menace has been on the roll for as long as no one could be bold enough to talk about it, until the emergence of Segun Awosanya,with popular Twitter @segalinks, who initiated an End SARS protest against it via the social media.

The SARS of the Nigerian Police act outside the Law without restraint, spawning with inhuman act; making claims like-I will kill you and nothing will happen, I must kill somebody today, leading to the killings and maimings of defenceless Nigerians,

This social crisis has lingered on, and as the day goes by, it seems as though the government does not care, or wont do anything to curb it, thereby leaving the citizens to their fates.

Lets flip this a bit. The only Nigerian artist, who has had his voice heard recently calling for corrections against social crisis is Falz.

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He recently delivered one of the most exigent album “Moral Instruction”, using mob music, as his choice to push for societal change. In a particular track titled; ‘Johnny’, he magnified the struggles between the defenceless Nigerian citizen, against the armed Police.

Kizz Daniels ‘Fvck You’ song is enjoying a good reception. The artist consciously created the record for a purpose of complaints. The roll out plan has given the song, the major kick, it needed to flood the rotations it deserves.

Juxtaposing these two; a song made by Daniel to share his experience about low budget, light-skinned groupie, who offers sex for emotional satisfaction, with a successful campaign that has carried the song from just another record to the type that has controlled conversations for weeks now, with several artists jumping on it to be heard, to a societal dysfunction that has created a platform to perpetuate evil by some arm of the Nigerian Police, leading to the killing and maiming of citizens,-what if Kizz Daniel had made a song of protest against SARS ill treatment, how many of his colleagues, including comedians, and well meaning citizens would have joined to push for a change.

Would YCEE ever speak up?

How about Tiwa, will she go sublime to share her toga on the matter?

Will MI come out very creative and stellar, exclaiming to the government on why he hates the way they have handle SARS without constraint?

Would Eva Alordia come out of retirement to lay 64 bars filled with punchlines on the matter, critically stating and judging on each arm of governments, and their incompetence in handling the situation?

What of Vector, will we ever hear jump on such a trend, like will he be be bold enough to pick a freestyle session, questioning how all of una politicians in government have refused to solve the crisis, and reform the Nigerian Police?

Will BasketMouth, Ay and Bovi join such trend without fear of prejudice from governments officials patronising their stand up comedy shows?

On the reverse, the likes of the legendary Fela Kuti who chose to play mob music, cancelling the military junta that existed in his time, didn’t have it cool, as reply from the government that spearhead affairs then was not palatable for him. On the gains, he was the mouthpiece to many Nigerians who were oppressed and could not speak up against such ills, and will forever be remembered for his prophetic status of being a mob music messiah with desire for change in Nigeria and Africa.

Time has changed, things have not in Nigeria. Military era is gone, Democracy is the reign. This means, more artists should protest with their songs, but how many are willing?

They, like Fela may not do it full time, but there is demand to protest, or to join a campaign that desires change when things go south in the society.

The continuous killings, exploits and stealing from defenceless citizens by SARS should push for a strong voice by citizens to totally scrap the arm of wickedness by Nigerian Police off. All media channels, including music as one of the most powerful tools to end it should be utilised.

On my wish list, more music artists, just like Kizz Daniel, should start a campaign, or should jump on an already created campaign like #EndSars to encourage a demand for a change and reformation of the Nigerian Police.
They should replicate Kizz Daniel’s challenge to protest an end to SARS.

This is just a wish, and as they say; they are Horses- just like Buhari’s 20 Cows that have failed to reproduce, they will remain mere Cows or Horses.

At the aftermath, music will continue to be a strong Weapon without a physical plant located somewhere at North Korea, seasoned to move a mob to change a status-quo. But how many artists are willing to solve crisis with a blast of it?