STATE OF THE KULTURE: Nigerian Music; The Illusion-Delusion Of The Listeners. A Sickness.

STATE OF THE KULTURE: Nigerian Music; The Illusion-Delusion Of The Listeners. A Sickness.

STATE OF THE KULTURE: Nigerian Music; The Illusion-Delusion Of The Listeners. A Sickness.

Have you ever made contacts with a man that is in lust over the body of a woman?

He is in soak and in synch with the physical adornments of the woman’s body. He cares about the frame of her genitals, how firm the breast is stuck to her body, the size of the butt, the hips, how appealing they are, the lips, and how curvy the lady is in nature. He is driven by the lust of the eyes, the message they send to his head that can directly be translated to how his manhood gets erected.

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He has nothing deeply for the woman. He feels nothing in his heart, all that concerns him and the woman he lust after; is how he can get her laid on his bed, to satisfy his lust. And when he is done, he passes her with a tick on his to-do-list of “she was one of them I laid”, and moves to another that he is in lust with.

This attitude is not only conventional to a man who is lusting after a woman’s body. Music fans at times lust after music records, for the purpose of what they can gain from the song.

Nigerian Music has grown from the scratch level, to global acceptance and appellation. It has gotten the attention of the world.

Many nods to all the hard working purveying artistes, who are heartily, and forwardly involved in trajecting the culture, from the shores of Nigeria, to the world. I mean, names like D’banj Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and all other A-listed artistes, are accolades deserving because of their fire branded efforts, locally and globally, making sure that our music is not just a local commodity, but rather a global trader artefact, worthy of rooting after.

AfroBeat, which is the domineering genre of the Nigerian Music, spreads joy, happiness, positive vibrations, and has the ability to take you from a place of sunken, uplifting and edifying your soul to a place where you let go all your worries with a dance to the rhythm, filtering your spirit with the serene, but poorly remonstrated lyrics that comes within, leaving you happier than it met you. AfroBeat music is happiness. Happiness is Afrobeat Music.

This important element of the Nigerian Afro Music causes music consumers to be ready to consume any form of music from these artistes irrespective of the contents, the elements it transudes, the deep connection, and the resonating effects. If the songs, the beats, the melody and rhythm can make One-Dance, and there is a catchy phrase that music lovers can relate to, then the song is good to go. Sometimes, the quality of lyrics is so low beyond average, but the beats is so good that nobody remembers the lyrics, but everyone could just dance and be happy over the song.

These pattern of music consumption has laid to the laziness of music artistes. They get into studio and record what they consumers will like, not the kind of art that is related with philosophies and ideologies connected to them, as for a purpose of; if they can dance and enjoy themselves, let me give it to them they way they like it.

Without much ado, their excuses are mostly beyond them. The pressure of the record labels alone can make music acts fold up their ideologies swiftly into their anus, and sale the music trade that his paymaster can make gains, as the result of their investments.

Only very few Nigerian Music acts have been able to distinguish themselves in their arts creation. A few to mention-Brymo’, ‘Asa’ and a couple of others , including the new wave known as the ‘Alte sound’ who don’t go with the flow, but pivot the flow of how they want their music to be received, as they churn them out.

Over the years, as these listeners continue to follow and consume music with the affront of- if the beats will make us dance, and bring good feeling, then we have no issues with them, they have also grown in mentality. Instead of them to serenade them with praises, they call them out, and ask for improvement in contents these days.

We can see how bold they did these as they called out Davido and Wizkid recently, as both of them dropped a poor, below average jam as usual, with marred lyrics, poor execution and almost sterile delivery in “Aza”, which Davido teamed up with Peruzzi and Duncan Mighty, and Wizkid’s first singles in 2018 in “ Wizkid Fever” plus “Master Groove”.

Pastor Ola, a Twitter influencer, giving a negative serenade of Wizkid’s Fever song. 

But, their call for improvements lyrically and contents wise is not almost real, but has a hoopla trickle effects of their lost-off illusion over the songs they have been consuming over the years, from these artistes.

The question is; has the beat changed?

Have the core catchy phrases of the songs changed?

Is there a tweak in the Afrobeat genre, to something new?

So, what do these fans want when they call out music acts for poor contents and delivery of their music?

For the years gone by, with the manner and pattern music lovers consume music from these artistes, they have successfully accepted most of their music in its poorest form.

These poor quality songs topped the few which had good lyrics and better contents, though the few ones that had good contents were widely praised, most of the badly netted, were popularly demanded.

These in-turn, had created a subliminal vault in the hearts and minds of these listeners, though they want something better, but they are becloud and inclined with the poorly delivered songs which was for their immediate enjoyment, and happiness.

As result, for Wizkid and Davido, their closest fan base has formed and created their own lust for how their songs should always look like.

They look out at what they can gain and enjoy as the lust over the beats and rhythm of their songs, including the dance that may sometimes accompany the song.

Perhaps, just like the man who lust over the physical components of the woman’s body, they have the beats, the have the lyrics, they have the elements, and the catchy phrases of how the song should be delivered, for addition, they even have the producer’s name on their thinking too, and when Wizkid or Davido drops a well coordinated promoted song, and its does not fit in with the figment of their imaginations, all hell is let loose with tags like; “this song is wack, Davido’s new song is trash”, etc. Hence, the illusion/delusion of how Nigerian Music is consumed.


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Who should be held responsible for these, the artistes who have over the years, merchandised their laziness through the outcome of their music, the record label, who wants return in investments as they mount pressure on these acts to sing what is commercially viable, so as to enable them make their money back, or the music consumer who does not really care about the music acts who sing great and quality songs, over those who sing what they can listen and enjoy for the now?

First blame goes to the Nigerian Music artistes who have refused to grow from being music artistes that go with the flow, rather creating their vibe flow. Second blame goes to the record label who lack patience, and will want their money back as soon as they invests in an artistes, thirdly, the heap of the blame goes to the music consumer who has been lost at the receiving end of whatsoever these music artiste throw at them, without making efforts to cheer those artistes who bring quality music, great with contents, but would rather pour encomium, and rain accolades on the ones who sing trashy songs, because they feel happy as they listen to them.

The whole process of music production and consumption can be described literally as an interwoven activity; convoluted with what is causing a fault lyrically from the artistes, is connected to who is pushing for the faults, because of impatience in return of investments, and the consumer who has decided not to hail and hold in high esteem, those artistes who evolve with great music contents, but will glory, and praise those who give it to them just for their immediate enjoyments, the trashy and weak music lyrically.

The illusion/ Delusion crown, is awarded to the consumers who have now perfected in the arts of also forming a picture of how music artistes song should look like, and when they drop a music that does not synchronize with their imagery, they turn around to bash the music artistes they have not in any way demanded quality songs from, but just praises to them.

This is becoming a sickness. A cure is required too. This is an illusion, it is somehow building delusion.

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