STATE OF THE KULTURE: Can Duncan Mighty keep it hundred with all these features?

STATE OF THE KULTURE: Can Duncan Mighty keep it hundred with all these features?

“But, for how long can Duncan Mighty continue Santa Clausing”.

In 2009, coming off the hills and height of Militancy in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, which plagued and plunged the Nigerian Economy negatively, with the successes gained from the agreement of Amnesty with the Federal Government, a concert tagged “Peace Rock Concert”, organised by the Government, to buttress her felicity in the agreement of weapon lay down by the Militant group was born.

The Concert had artistes like 50 Cent, Ciara, Akon, D’banj, Duncan Mighty, and several other A-listed acts from both Nigeria and America on the queue of its list to thrill the people of Niger Delta-Nigeria. The concert started in Abuja, and moved Southward of the Delta in Nigeria.

I was a young man, very curious about music, particularly Hip Hop, and as a matter of what I could relate with, in the early 2002, 50 Cent had an amazing run with songs like, “Wangstar” “21 Questions”, “Window Shopper”, and several other hits which I could sing and rap word for word. These parlance created for me an urge, yearn and anticipation for the concert which will be held on a Sunday evening in the small local township Stadium of Uyo.

The D-day came, news were everywhere, Radio, TV, Newspaper, that ‘fity Cen’, the show headliner, was in town. Well, i could not hold my serene, as I hopped on an okada, very early to be in the Stadium.

But besides, the Americans acts of 50 Cent and Ciara built to give the best form of performance to the teeming fans, was Duncan Mighty; the Niger Delta star artiste, who also at that time, was having a good run of his music career, not in the category of 50, and Ciara, but a captain in his own class of artistry, also built to perform that night. The one who turned out to become the show decider at the end of it all.

The organisers of the show had the devil use them that night:

The show was to allow Niger Deltan’s to have a good time, to erode and flush the negativity of agitations, which had compound their minds while they were suffering from the unrest in the region, as the Government engaged the militant groups.

The organiser’s shot the main entry gate into the main-bowl of the stadium against the common people like me, and only allowed the VIP, including the Governor and his entourage, who left their VIP box, to get a sit quite close to the stage to enjoy the show alone, dashing our hopes to see 50 Cent closely, what his abs look like, the jacket he wore and the kind of shoes he wore too. Same thing went for Ciara, nobody from the stands could get to see it clearly, what her several changing costumes look like, because of the distance between the stage, and the stadiums stands.

Well, the two acts, gave a good show to a boring crowd. 50 Cent, who could sense the disconnection, tried to cover some ground in making things up. He left the stage and ran into the field while singing “I Run New York”, in a bid to get closer to the audience. That was a good act, really good act, but received with poor and appalling reception, as the people on the stands would throw sachet of pure water at him, and the security officials that accompanied him, expressing their anger for the stands treatment from the show organiser’s. Things got worse, and to bring calm, few gunshot were popped to the air.

After normalcy returned, 50 Cent and Ciara had finished their performance, Duncan Mighty was next.

Duncan Mighty brought the mighty moment:

Soon as the Port harcourt based artiste mount the stage, he screamed at the show organiser’s by calling them out on their decision to shot the door against the music fans, allowing only the VIP into the main-bowl, he chided them with words like ‘who dem do this show for’, why will my people be on the stands’, he kept his query on. Then he asked; Una been see the colour of shoes were Ciara wear, in a chorus agreement, the crowd replied back at him; no….he went ahead to ask, what of 50 Cent jacket, una see am, another unanimous reply raptured to the air from the stands with; no….

He asked that the VIP’s should please go up the VIP box, that he wanted the real fans, the Niger Deltan’s to get close to the stage.

Before he could utter jack, the whole stands were emptied, the teaming fans broke down the gate, and ran close to the stage.

At that moment. The Peace Rock Concert began in Uyo.

Duncan had thrilled us with songs from his “Koliwater” album, and several other of his hits songs, like “Ijeoma”

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Duncan Mighty in my remarks as a follower of Nigerian music, is a Nigerian music legend. He has singled out himself for the hallmark, he remains one of the few versatile artiste who can walk into any music genre and come out doing a John Wick on them.

Somehow, he went into business, and paid less attention to his last two albums of A Chorus Leader in 2014, and The Certificate in 2016 respectively, which made him quiet for a while.

But this year, as invited by Davido to Lagos in January, he record few features, including one of the biggest 2018 record in Nigeria “Fake Love”, which spinned anew era for Portharcourt first son.

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The Nigerian Music industry is wired in a manner to make every new formula a brand new one, for both the new, and the already established artistes.

Every time a recipe works for Artiste A, artistes B C D E…..Z, will also jump on the trend to make a record out of the same menu.

This is the reason why Duncan Mighty has become the new bride of Nigerian music. However, in this context, if Wizkid can make a powerful sound out of his collaboration with him, several other acts can also queue up to get a possible feature from the artist who is reportedly worth about $1.5M(

So far, he has been delivering top notched input into the features, except for a recent released feature were he teamed up with Davido, and DMW signee, Peruzzi on “Aza”, were several music enthusiasts commentary about the song have been on the negative.

In essence, one bad song, cannot erase the several goodies Duncan has thrown in already to the several features he has worked on, or still has left in his bag of goodie talents. it cannot also take away, the fact that he is the father Christmas of the industry at the moment, and he is ready to dip his hands into his Santa clause bag to dish out gifts good enough for every feature.

But, for how long can Duncan Mighty continue Santa ‘Clausing’?

Every process has its diminishing return. You go in hard, you worn out hard. You get the feature swiftly because everyone wants to take a bite of your talent by associating with you in a collaborative level, they eat up the talent real quick.

Only the smart; those who can forecast before hand on when to throw in the towel, knowing when to leave most especially, casting in the double six dice when the ovation is high, will leave with shoulder’s high.

From a distance, I can recommend that Duncan Mighty is smart, but I cannot attest to his smartness on when he can decide to call the shot, and back the pedal on all the piranha features, if I get a bit closer to him.

The dotted, but not missing line in the puzzle remains, with the several calls for features with him, can he keep things hundred?

Please comments your take on this article below, thank you.


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