STATE OF THE KULTURE: Burna Boy -Is Singer Really Underrated

STATE OF THE KULTURE: Burna Boy -Is Singer Really Underrated

STATE OF THE KULTURE: Burna Boy -Is Singer Really Underrated

“In a bid to put the debate that Burna Boy is underrated to rest, we went on an investigative manner to understand; what, why and how music enthusiasts mean when they say Burna Boy is underrated”.

Just over the weekend, the conversations which evolved from those with kin enthusiastic interest in Nigerian music, was about how Burna Boy was underrated.

Things went south at some point, as the debaters got infuriated, and let out their briefs with  bile and anger. The debates took angles from those that got furious at the overpriced, and unnecessary garnering of clouts by those who aimed at forming cosmetic optics at the topic, as they joined the underrated discussion, to get Twitter retweets and likes. Similarly, they were those who were angry at others coming up with such debates. The rests were the core Burna Boy fans, who were firing up on the debates with both cylinders, with all order and audacity, asking questions and demanding answers on why Burna Boy at his level of music achievements was underrated.

This is not the first time, the Nigerian music fans are engaging In such conversations.

Just this years, after the 2018 Headies in July, this conversation burned out. Burna Boy didn’t get any recognition. No nomination, no award from the Nigerian most prestigious entertainment awards, hence his fanbase teamed out an army of parade, calling for the reason why the Headies did not nominate him.

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Over the weekend, the conversation re-emerged. This time, it has a head, attached to it with a tail. The head about it is, Burna Boy is underrated, the added tail is that Tiwa Savage, who just won The Best African Act should not have gotten the award ahead of Burna Boy.

The way it is, it seems the conversation is not going to be laid to rest. This made us to go investigative on why, what and how Burna Boy is underrated.

This was conducted in a transcribed manner via Twitter DM, and the people sampled with those questions gave their takes on the issue.

Below are the responses from people via direct messages on Twitter:

Favour Onyeoziri with the handle @Rouvafe, a TwitterNG influencer and Digital Marketing Practitioner “I no longer think he is underrated”.

Ferdinand with the handle @Burmese_Tyga said “Burna Boy is no longer underrated”. “He used to be…but not anymore”. “He sells out shows, he is a household name in Nigeria”. “He gets more Twitter clout than most artistes, what is underrated again” He continues, “Maybe he not getting award in Nigerian awards shows when nominated…That’s the industry drama…but from a fan perspective, he is well recognised”.

Favour says. He added, “He is getting all the attention he deserves right now. Hopefully, he wins a couple of awards before the year runs out”.

King Nomso with the handle @ani_nomso, a TwitterNG influencer, music and football enthusiast said, “LOL, to be honest, I don’t think he is underrated”.

A civil servant with handle @Tyekooon, said “Like Omojuwa said, he is in a class of his own, no teacher, no classmate”. He also added, “He is that artiste that will take you from love to the street in a blink”. He then ended; “in my opinion, he is underrated”.

Another Twitter user by name V with @Veekietoria as handle opine that “Burna Boy is doing everything right and actually putting in the work to get music out there, so yes he deserves all the accolades he is getting. He doesn’t do same music as David or Wiz so comparing them musically isn’t right. However, generally speaking, I strongly believe he’s on the same level as Wizkid and Davido. Pushing the kind of music that he does to the level where Nigerians are actually comparing him to their faves actually shows that he is doing so many things right”.

Facebook folks were not left behind, as they made several contributions in an open post, that asked the same question- ‘Is Burna Boy was underrated’.

View people’s responses on the post below:

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