Social Media As A Communication Tool That Eases Boredom

The definition of Communication being the act of conveying information from one recipient to the other plays a role in all human facets. Throughout our lifetime on earth, we live to converse with people via various communication mediums. Each of the communication mediums plays a role in the transmission process of delivering the intended message from the sender to the receiver.

In our world today which has become a global village, social media being a 21st century medium of communication plays a key role in making communication processes lots easier and swift.

Information dissemination has become very simple and timely with the help of the use of social media to communicate effectively as it offers users that interactive feel and fun whilst using it.

As seen on different social networking platforms, millions of social media users across the world tend to have fun sharing their pictures, live videos and random thoughts on those platforms to their family and friends on daily basis.

Social media usage by its users serves different purposes. Many use it as a medium to share their daily lifestyle activities, whilst some use it to push or promote their businesses.

In as much as people use their various social media pages solely on their own discretion and basically on what trigger their interest, what is even more interesting is the fact that it is a medium that brings joy, smiles and happiness to its users.

Social media as a new media communication tool has been proven as a medium of solace to many as it usage comes with activities that keeps users entertained, informed and educated.

Despite it disadvantages which poses a threat to its advantages, social media remains a medium that eases boredom and gives comforts to it users in time of distress. A scholarly research has further proven that many young folks seem to opt to making use of their different social media accounts to catch fun whenever they feel bored.

However, another point to buttress the fact that social media is a communication tool that eases boredom, is the hilarious stories, videos and pictures shared on different social media platforms which is enough therapy to excite its users, thereby taking off any form of boredom.

Even though the usage of different social media platforms is quite addictive and has its own hitches, one factor we should appreciate is the fact that it is a medium that eases boredom via the interactive feel that comes with its usage.

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