Shettima Yerima: Northern Youth Leader Says He’s Ready To Submit Himself If Wanted

Leader of the Northern controversial group, ‘’Arewa Youth Consultative Forum’’, which is the coalition of Northern youth groups which gave the igbo indigenes an ultimatum to vacate their region has come out to say that he isn’t on the run.

Shettima Yerima, revealed this in an interview with Punch, saying that he is available if wanted and didn’t go into hiding.

In the interview, he re-affirmed that he still maintains the igbos should vacate their region.

’I did not go into hiding and will never go into hiding. We need to put the record straight. For now, nobody is looking for me and I am ready to submit myself if i am called. I am not a joker. Nobody is looking for me and I am not hiding anywhere from anybody. I am in my village. I am a Nigerian. If anybody looks for me, I will submit myself. I am not above the law. I am not on the run.

Why should I go into hiding? I have a name. I have a face. I am not faceless.

‘’I am not hiding anywhere. Why should I hide? Where did I go wrong? Somebody wants to go and I said, ‘go’, you are free to go’. What is wrong about it?

‘’You cannot be in our country and begin to clamour for another country. Go to your place and declare your own country, not in my zone. It is a simple language. I have not committed any offence’’.

Photo credit: Punch