Did Runtown Promote The Ghanaian Culture In Mad Over You?

Across the length and breadth of Africa, there is an infectious tune constantly banging titled ‘MAD OVER YOU’ by one of Nigeria’s finest Afro-pop singer, Runtown, which has enjoyed massive airplay, media hype and huge brand endorsement so far, since its release date.

‘Mad over you’, being the singer’s most popular single has undoubtedly been played in every club and radio stations in Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg, London and other big cities in the world. The song is a certified banger with a catchy hook that keeps music lovers dancing uncontrollably when played.

In all fairness, I think Runtown did superbly on the song, as he starts the intro verse with a uniquely written line that appeals to all music enthusiasts across board.


Sequel to the release date till today, you’d agree with me that the above line is on the lips of millions of urban youths in Africa and even the older folks. Quite a catchy line isn’t it?
There is something that stroked an unusual chord within me the very first time I heard this song and that is about the Ghanaian local delicacies; ‘Waakye and Shitoh’ which the singer repeatedly mentioned on the song. Whilst playing the song on repeat, I became more curious why the singer made the choice of mentioning ‘waakye and Shitoh’. No, this is not me being sentimental or greedy. Not when Nigeria and Ghana are still dwelling on the discourse of whose ‘jollof rice’ is more delicious. Me thinks, the blend of the Akaida beat with the verses was quite deliberate.
Runtown, succeeded in winning the hearts of Ghanaian music lovers by mentioning their favorite food on the song. This was a deliberate act which has helped in projecting the Ghanaian food globally.
The lyrics of the song which was laced with both the Ghanaian and Nigerian afro fusion gave the song a positive push.
Ghanaians are practically driven by everything positive about their culture, and for Runtown, who is a popular music figure to have mentioned waakye and shitoh in his hit song, that literally passes as a promo of the Ghanaian food and culture
When highlighting a narrowed meaning of culture, you’d realize that it also entails food which is one of the essentials that makes up one’s cultural heritage.
Waakye is a Ghanaian loved staple made from rice and beans, garnished with spaghetti, tomato stew, garri and an (assortment of proteins), and Shittor is a pepper sauce which tops up the meal. Waakye and shittor is a good combination eaten by Ghanaians and is widely known as one of their best local delicacies.
The Mad Over You hit maker consciously played a key role in promoting the Ghanaian food in his song. He won’t deny this and the Ghanaian media pundits wouldn’t dare make an objection on this assertion.

The ‘BBC Radio 1xtra’ affirmed in their tweet that just after the release of the song, it topped chart in more than 20 African countries.

Tweet from BBC Radio 1Xtra

Unarguably, Since the song gained prominence as one of the top hit songs since 2016 till today, Runtown has reportedly been going from different countries in Africa to the western world singing the ‘Mad Over You’ song to the delight of his fans.

For a job well done reward, Runtown, was decorated as the African Artiste of the year with his ‘Mad Over You’ hit in the 2017 edition of the VGMA Awards, being the most prestigious Awards ceremony in the Ghanaian Music Industry. This was his reward for reeling out such impeccable hit song.

Runtown delivering a speech after picking VGMA Award…

For every big stage in the western world where he has performed the song, the mentioning of ‘Waakye and Shitor’ will immediately strike a chord. This is more or less like promoting and marketing a brand or product in a subtle way.

Whether unconsciously or consciously, Runtown, succeeded in promoting the Ghanaian food with his ‘Mad Over You’ hit song which has placed him on a high par in the Ghanaian music scene and globally.

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