Rapper-Falz Might Have Began A Music Revival

Rapper-Falz Might Have Began A Music Revival

Rapper-Falz Might Have Began A Music Revival

The Nigerian Music sphere got into an eruption yesterday when Falz granted a short interview with Hip-TV, criticizing other artistes who promotes fraud with their songs and hailing the names of popular Nigerian fraud-gang called Yahoo boys with their music.

Falz (from Instagram)

This brought an online argument between who Falz was referring to. Some people said he was criticizing 9ice who is trying to reinvent his asthenic career with his new single ‘Living Things,’ and the track he was featured on by Junior Boy’s ‘Irapad 2.0’.

Owing to the fact that these two song are allegedly laced with praises and hailing lyrics, others said he was just being holistic with his disapproval, his approach to talk about what is bad, coming through to talk about it and setting the record straight to say it the way it is.

A quick look at memory lane of Nigerian music, especially in the millennial era, would suggest that some of the Artistes have allegedly promoted fraud with their songs.

The likes of D’banj-‘Mobolowowon’, Olu Maintain - ‘Yahooze, Kelly Handsome-‘Maga Don Pay’, Reminisce-‘2 Musssh’ and few others have soiled their hands with blood of promoting fraud in their songs.

This culture have been sustained with the influence of Yahoo Boys over the music industry for a while now. These fraud boys bring in the money they make from the illegal business to sponsor music with the hope of making great returns.

The music business is capital intensive, and for an upcoming act with no money to break in to mainstream, he’d require sourcing for funds from anywhere to build, promotes, and push his career to a blown level. However, most of the upcoming artistes turn to Yahoo boys who are ready to invest with fraud money to get the financial push for their career.

This is the main reason they do all the praise-singing, name hailing and glorification of fraud which they infuse in the lyrics of some of the music they churned out for public consumption. Of-course, they have to hail their bosses.

Granting an interview with Hip-Tv, here comes Falz The Bhad Guy, being bold enough to be the first artiste to speak up against this behavior, the menace. He calls himself and his colleagues role models, who needs to behave like they are; knowing fully well that the younger generation are looking up to them.

Like a jar filled with black lead, ready to burn flames, he lit up the atmosphere with his words. All hell let loose. The fraudsters are out of their holes to spat back at him, they’ve thrown tantrums, they’ve spoken in ire, calling him out for ever daring to drag them into his despoliation.

Some people have practically dragged the social and economic class issue of the country into the matter. They claim Falz was born with a silver spoon, by so, he should not raise an eye-brow as regards the case of morality and conduct.

Tweet (from a twitter user)

But, does it matter? will their dissatisfaction change anything?

Falz, in all fairness, has pointed out to a case which has been swept under the carpet, he has removed the flea sucking blood on the skin of the dog and has shown it to the dog to see. He has sent a clear-cut message to his fellow music acts, telling them, Hey! what you are doing with your music is evil, stop it.

Being vocal enough to speak up about this issue could be traceable with his background as a lawyer. But, this is not the issue at hand.

Falz is a rare breed. He is the type we need in both our politics and in the music industry. The type who’d damn consequences to speak up against what is bad.

Even when the opinion of some artistes differ on this, some claim they can use those lyrics without literally encouraging fraud. Others seem to admit to Falz’ criticism and are ready to repackage the contents of their music. A consciousness has been awoken by Falz. A music revival might have began.

More artistes will pay close attention to this on their next songs. Others will overlook. Of course, Artiste can put up the kind of lyrics they wish, so far it will put them on the spot and rake the money in, they don’t care. But, there is a future Falz is speaking up for, how some artistes will be so ashamed of the things they sang about 20 years from now.

It takes more to just speak up against what you feel is not good. It takes more to lead a good cause, break new grounds and set new frontiers. But, can he sustain the paradigm even with his own music? Will he drop an album title ‘Wehdone Sir’ filled with conscious tracks, embedded with moral messages of nation building and patriotism?

Similarly, will the Yahoo boys hands off the music industry so artistes will quit singing praise to them with their songs? Or, will their unending influence to the game be continually felt by them sponsoring music acts who’d rely on them for a pay check to build their music career and in turn give them a shout on their songs?

Listening carefully, to the artistes who have come up to speak on the matter, and the several opinion of Nigerians, I make bold to say that Falz might have began a revival. A music revival, if ignored will have dire consequences on the future of the youth of the country as more youth will accept fraud and look up to it as the only way to success, and if hearken to and more morally right messages are infused on the songs artistes churn out, will set a good precedent of hard work, the only way to success.





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