MUSIC CRUSH MONDAY ‘M.C.M’- What Is Music To You?

MUSIC CRUSH MONDAY ‘M.C.M’- What Is Music To You?

MUSIC CRUSH MONDAY ‘M.C.M’- What Is Music To You?

What is music to you?

Is music to you country side? That popular genre that originated from Southern United State in the 1920’s, played in a simple harmonic form, accompanied and delivered with acoustic instruments such as the acoustic guitars,  accompanied with  a ballad-like performance, blended with the lowest tempo  and form of lyrics? If that is what music is to you, it is surely not what it means to me.

KENNY ROGERS Country side music legend (from Instagram)

Is it that lovely melody of a sound that exudes when played in an orchestra-tic manner, filled with different humming chord instruments, unionized by violin, brass and several string instruments, theater-ed for a sitting audience with an electrifying and pulsating atmosphere? Is that what music is to you?

Just for fun, let me likened the sound of some of the orchestral instrument to Small Doctor’s catchy-phrase ‘ain ain’. LOL.

if i should take a stand, i will opine that assuredly, this is definitely not my kind of music.

Is it RAP? The rhythm and poetry chanted like a speech and orated with a simple, heavy or high tempo drum kicks, delivered swift or slow. Do you even enjoy such music, I mean the HIP-HOP RAP genre, do you?

Yeah, i find this type of music, appealing, very appealing to me. But, these days, i’ll chose Mr. Eazi’s Alkaida sound which is calm, slow and serene over the fast hardcore rhymes and poetry.

NAS and JAY Z (from Instagram)

Is music to you the type that ED SHEERAN offers? If yes, then you are almost like me.

Yes! You are edging close to what i like about music. Quite close. But not yet there.

ED SHEERAN (from Instagram)

Is it the type that ADELE does? The type that will heal your soul from pain, or the type that will set your mind free from emotional slavery, or the type that will give you a soothing relief from stress after a long day hustle. The type that will relax and calm your nerves, and even help you secrete oxytocin and vasoprin, then place you on a feeling described as climax. is that what music is to you?

I am emotional now, i feel like crying while making love when listening to such music. Yeah! I do.

ADELE (from Instagram)

Is it the AFRO music coming out of motherland Africa? The culture that is gaining weight and being accepted on the global scale at the moment. That tune you will dance, shake and move your body to, is that what music is to you?

The type that is filled with lyrics such as FOLAKE, SAMANTHA, CARO, CASSAVA, BANANA and the TARTY BILLION FOR THE AKANT?

Each time, i listen to these lyrics, i feel like spitting. Not spitting bars, i mean, i feel like spitting on the whack lyrics.

I will spit, some day, but not today.

WIZKID, TEKNO and DAVIDO (from Instagram)

Quick question; If I should ask you to chose a genre, would you select and listen to TERRY AKPALA or TERRY-G and immediately spot their kind of music?

Or if I invite Bez to a private show to play the strings while JOHNY DRILLE sings with his scintillating voice, will it appeal to you, will you appreciate their kind of music?

Just get this now, listen! Whatsoever music means to you, you first of all have to know that music is a culture and culture they say is a way of life.

Music speaks a universal language and if I may add on that note,“music plays a universal drum that can cause the mouth to sing along with the body  moving rhythmically to the sound of the drums”.

In other words, you have to find your genre and stick to it. You have to listen to the voice on a song that appeals to your soul. You have to enjoy your Country side, Orchestra, Rhythm and Poetry, Pop, Soul, Blues, RnB, Raggae, Afro Music, etc. This is just a commentary by me. Okay! Are you now ready to find out what music is to me?

Now is the time to let the cat out of the bag. Now is the time to tell you about what music is to me.

What music is to me is simple!

What music is to me is; that trumpeted sound, the female anopheles mosquito makes when she’s checking up on me to know whether i’m asleep so she could deliver a bite. She blares her horn like a siren and whips her wings hard as she fly’s closer to my ear lope.

This causes a reaction from me. I somewhat have to express an emotional gesture. This emotional gesture is to immediately, get my two palms together while i clap in rhythm to her sound. Sometimes, i clap so hard that my hands ache. Other times i metamorphose her to the land of no return  with a simple wave. LOL,

Her kind of music has no genre. It is indescribable. It is just a trumpet sound with no lyrics, no form, no harmony, only an undefined melody from mama Anopheles. And i want to let you know that at times, i pretend to be asleep while she sings so i can enjoy her kind of music. Her lovely sound.

To conclude this: Music to me is and will always be; that sound that pleases the ear.