MUSIC CRUSH MONDAY: Is your MCM Artist A Future You See Or A Ronaldo That Follows You

MUSIC CRUSH MONDAY: Is your MCM Artist A Future You See Or A Ronaldo That Follows You

Future And Cristiano Ronaldo

In case my story about your MCM artistes will make onions fall into your eyes, I am sorry about it. I have no intentions to make you shed tears.

Wizkid, Davido B-Red pose for a pic

I don’t hate your MCM, I love them both (did I just say, them both?)

Hey! Cool temper, I know what’s on your mind, It is your boyfriend Wizkid and your boyfriend’s friend Davido. Yes! Shrug the tension off your shoulder. I love them, Let’s begin!

Take your eyes off my caption for today. It is totally unfit to be there, because from where the extract came from, it cannot be substantiated, the source is almost unproven. It has a bogus base.

Wizkid and Davido’s alleged beef tweet

If we’d give a scrupulous and a sieved look at Wizkid and his friend Davido, you’ll notice a supremacy battle. This is it, they are both doing mighty things in their career. They are raking and stacking the cash. With a mic stand set in front of them to sing, a hit song is birthed. They win awards everyday. They ‘shuk’ any girl at the point and kill venues. They drink and smoke what they wanna. This is good, this is a blessing to them.

Image of Davido and Wizkid

But, they enjoy these as they place curses on their different fan base. This curse is their beef. It is totally unhealthy to the game.

This is the stupid beef that exist between them. They can’t shy away from the truth. They can deny that they don’t have issues with each other, implying that they are making music and focusing on their career, but I tell you, it is glare, they have beef, and the beef has supremacy tag. It is a stupid beef, it is a curse on their fan base.

The supremacy in their cattle rearing (beef) is as the result of who is making an immediate progress, and who doesn’t. you wont find them swing punches, you wont find them burst bottles on each other’s head. You only find them bragging with their social media account. They pollute the minds of their teaming followers with a Ronaldo that is following them, and how harder they have worked to earn success and Future that no other artist have, that is giving them the global attention

Davido allegedly throwing subs on Wizkid (via Snapchat)

They throw subtle jibes at each other. The other calls his brother ‘the Pon Pon sound master’ while his ‘bruva’ replies with “don’t hate, don’t hate me, I am doing what you couldn’t do, please drink water.”

Wizkids Alleged tweet replying Davido (Via Twitter)


When they are done, they go back to what they are good at which is making music. But their down-lines, the fan base, will take up the battle.

From Twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook and to online forums, you see their fans attacking each other on their behalf. They set up debates to remonstrate who is a better artiste, they argue in such an uncouth manner that disturbs the serenity of the social media, they curse, they meme and they hate each other for choosing to take a stand with their respective MCM.

Did you know that Ronaldo is the 5th most followed person on Instagram and he is arguably the most successful footballer of his generation, following Davido?

Did you also know that Nicki Minaj is arguably the biggest female artiste of her generation and she is very very successful in her career, following Wizkid?

If I should add this up; did you know that P.Diddy is one of the most successful Hip Pop artiste of his generation and has been very successful in business and music career, and he is following Reminisce and for once the artiste known for the catchy phrase- ‘Ibile’ has not mentioned anything about their relationship?

Sometime, artiste don’t come in terms; that their actions and in actions inspires. Whether positive or negative, people hold them in high esteem, other’s idolise them. They tend to copy them. Therefore, most of the time, what they embark on is what their fans embark upon too. This means, the stupid fight brewing online, might no longer be between Wizid and Davido, but between the fan base.

Wizkid and Davido in a PJ cruise

Have got one advice for them and it is; guys, turn your curse to a blessing for your fans, it is totally unhealthy for you to be cursing them with your stupid fight. They want more hit songs, bless them with it. They want you guys to keep poaching for success, bless them with your achievements, they want grammy, bring that award home guys.

Stop cursing them with a useless beef.

At this point, the fans should also know that there is no future without Wizkid, neither there is any future without Davido. Whatever and however, they chose to express their competition should be left for them. ‘No carry person matter for head’, allow them to beef their thing. If music was the reason you found them, keep finding that music, enjoy that sound wiggle  along with the rhythm, while you mime the lyrics and have yourself some fun. don’t fight , don’t argue, don’t debate with another fan for an artiste, it is unhealthy and uncalled for the game.







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