Mr. Eazi’s Style Of Wearing Raffia Hat Is A Plus To His Brand

Mr. Eazi’s Style Of Wearing Raffia Hat Is A Plus To His Brand

Taking a look at the pop-culture conversations amongst high percentage of Nigeria youths today, music is likely one of the things that takes the lead as focus of discussion.

Mr. Eazi’s ‘Life Is Eazi’ trade mark, his signature tune, ‘Zagadat’ and unique fashion style of wearing the Raffia Hat comes as one of the hot topics. Mr. Eazi is currently topping music charts and his songs are the banging.

Mr. Eazi, at Fela’s Shrine (

His current ‘Detty world tour’ was recently held in Lagos, at the Fela’s Shrine, having hundreds of his fans turning up for the show. Everything about Eazi represents positivity. His brand identity, trade mark and outstanding fashion style is a plus to his career.


As often said, the Nigerian Entertainment Industry is one that houses millions of creative talents, from the mainstream Entertainment hub, Lagos, to the North, East and south, there are so many music Artiste taking the lead and pushing their brand.

Out of the millions of Artiste, Mr. Eazi is one of the prominent musicians in Africa currently making waves. He churns out timeless records and has been very consistent in doing that. His fashion style is most outstanding. The Raffia Hat worn by Eazi makes him stand out and distinguishes him among the crowded musicians in Nigeria. Arguably, the straw raffia hat has defined Mr. Eazi’s style giving him a unique star outlook. The hat simply depicts his fashion signature.

Eazi, Instagram

Brand identity

Aside from Eazi’s deep bass voice and banging sold out records; his hat is a significant part of his brand identity known globally. Nobody can take this away from him. The straw raffia hat has given him wide acceptability world-wide. He understands the importance of branding and has taken advantage of this by telling a good brand story of his art by consistently wearing the Hat.

Eazi’s detty world tour Campaign in London (Instagram)

He has made history for himself as the Nigerian music Artiste known for his unique style of wearing the Raffia Hat. The world would not forget this in a while, not now and not until the world ends.



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