Meet Hottie Of July, Adie Meshach

Meet Hottie Of July, Adie Meshach

Say hello to Adie Meshach, our Hottie for the month of July, supported by SiennasFood Nigeria, De-Harmoniques Band and The Roothub.  Adie Mechach A.K.A Mishy is from Cross River State, Obudu L.G.A to be precise. He is an undergraduate of University of uyo, studying Agricultural Economics and Extension.

He grew up in Obudu, had his primary Education in his hometown, Obudu and attended secondary School at FGC-Vandeikya in benue State. His ambition in life is to be successful as a model and be able to affect lives positively.

What makes me a hottie

My definition of hottie is being confident, smart, intelligent and goal-oriented. Everything about me makes me hot, from my fashion sense, personality, creative ability and my intellectual prowess.

A day in my life

My daily routines are mostly hectic. First thing I do in the morning when I wake is my cardiovascular exercises, to keep me fit and thereafter I get set for school. I do same at night before I go to bed.

Apart From Cardiovascular Exercises in the morning what’s your work out plan?      

On daily basis I learn poses in front of the mirror in my room before going out. This gets me prepared for any sort of modelling shoot. Basically, I do like 50 push ups every morning, 60 seconds planks, 20 leg raises and 20 knee crunches.

 Fashion items you can’t do without

Well, I like fashion accessories though, from brooches to lapel roses and metallic lapel pins.

What’s your fashion sense/style

I like going on simple, classy and mostly urban pieces.

Diet plan

I don’t like eating in the early hours of the day. I eat basically from noon and mostly when I get hungry. I like eating lots of fruit too.

In a relationship

Yes. I felt relieved when my dad asked to see the picture of my girlfriend. Lol

What do you find attractive in your partner?

Her eyes, because it shines so bright that I could see myself having a future with her.

Favourite color of clothing?

I love blue a whole lots. Blue to me is peace and I find my inner soul whenever I wear blue.

African clothing or western?

I like both African clothing and western. But the western brings the gentleman in me. Lol

Favourite fragrance/perfume?

Kyriaz natural spray.

Favourite Food

Melon soup with swallow.



Body piercing?

No body piercing but I got a little birthmark in my body that appears sexy.

Hennessey or Palmy?

Palm wine ooohhhh. Been a while I had a taste of the natural one from my hometown, Obudu. Lol

Apart from modeling, other future ambitions?

I’m really considering going into fashion designing professionally.

Models and Mentors?

Victor Ndigwe, Alpha Dia, Davidson Obennebo, Mayowa Nicholas, Victor Kwen and Duckie Thot.



Body Stats:

Shoe size-44

Photo Credit: AnijohnsonPhotography and Elmotif

Location of Shoot: Calabar, Lagos, Uyo.

Model: Adie Meshach

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