Is withdrawal Method Best Option For Unwanted Pregnancy?

Is withdrawal Method Best Option For Unwanted Pregnancy?

How funny it is for you to have believed that withdrawal method could ever pass as one of best practices of safe sex. You can play smart in your game of withdrawal method, due to the number of times you’ve succeeded and scaled through after having sex with your partner, but, there is a high risk in doing this continuously. The truth is, if there is anything that scares young people and with high possibility of getting them into trouble, unwanted pregnancy is a typical example. No matter how you brag about being a ‘bad guy’ in your sexual activities with your partner, unwanted pregnancy might just bring you down from that high horse. Below are few tips that you could try out in order to stay off from being a victim of unwanted pregnancy.

  1. Take Off The Idea

Yes, you should really take this bold step now and make up your mind never to try out the withdrawal method again during sex. Take off this idea from your head. It is never a good option to consider.

  1. Use A Condom

You have to come to terms with the reality that safe sex is best sex. This cannot be overemphasizing. Sex without condoms with a random sex partner who is not your wife/husband is dangerous. There is a high chance of getting infected with STDs wen having sex without condoms. Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Avoid STDs

As you may know, STDs are sexually transmitted diseases. Your effort to keep practicing withdrawal method will practically open you up to a chance of being infected with one, two or more STDs. For over a decade now the world Health Organization have been spreading messages about how bad it is to practice unsafe sex. STDs are equal to witches and wizard. They are most dangerous, always use a condom.