Hurray! Agog is one and we are thriving Beyond Our Threshold

Hurray! Agog is one and we are thriving Beyond Our Threshold

Like the scream of a new born baby at the point of delivery, crying out so loudly, whose voice can be heard in the labour room and its surroundings, the team, having been pregnant with the idea of launching out as a digital news platform, had its launch exactly this time in the month of June, 2017.

Known to be a Digital News Platform, the brand was birthed with the vision of reporting News,  Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music and current affairs Stories, adopting the required media industry standard practice. We made our debut into the media sphere with a scoop story about the Akwa Ibom Woman Who Makes a Living Sewing Handmade Bags in a small Corner.

Our burning Passion for creating stories and giving life to words, could best describe our journey into the digital news publishing industry; and with a Biro pen, few smart heads and blank Microsoft space on our laptops, we started out reporting news, writing reviews on topical issues that centers on Human Interest stories in Africa. While doing this, we tried as much as we could to adhere to professional Journalistic ethics while carrying out our reportage.


The last one year has been eye-opening and this new chapter presents to us more grounds to cover; and a challenge to imprint our name as an outstanding news platform in Africa whose vision is simple ― Originality, Credibility, and a trusted go-to news platform that stands out from the rest.


It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

While we bask in the euphoria of our first anniversary, the challenges, hurdles and troubles we surmounted; it will be an accurate notion to tag our whole team as failure if we don’t acknowledge God who gave us the talents, strength and the drive to push the brand to the level it is known today.

Today, we celebrate growth from birth, growth in team, growth in contents and growth in reach.

Today, we can boldly say we Thrived Beyond Our Threshold.

#ThrivingBeyondThreshold happens to be the theme for our one year anniversary and it’s been our mandate from day one to keep to our promise of surpassing every level of success we attained, breaking forth obstacles on our way and reaching for new heights. With limitless and border-less opportunities in online media, our stories have been read by audience members all around the world and we want to keep doing more.

We RE-Branded

As a brand that has remained focused and consistent with our brand materials, making sure we best communicate our core brand message in our logo, our services and the experience we offer, we have not deviated, though a little tweak has been done to properly give our identity a superb look. Again, we had to extend the re-branding process in our website which is looking very sleek and responsive as we speak.

We are Agog; are you?

Yes! We are excited about this New Year and we want to specially give big shout out to all our followers and readers who have been showing us their unwavering support thus far.

We are most grateful to all our partners and associates for standing by us in the last one year. We can’t forget all our clients that trusted in us by giving us their products and services to be published in our platform.

The journey just got started and we promise never to lose focus in the little encomiums poured on us.

Lastly, the vision is clear and we are determined to strive harder in giving the brand global relevance, while leveraging on local contents.

Congratulations to us!