HEADS-UP WITH ARTHUR KELLY:  On Politics Of Peace And Unity In Nigeria.

HEADS-UP WITH ARTHUR KELLY: On Politics Of Peace And Unity In Nigeria.


No one has the Monopoly of Violence in Nigeria!

The recent events in the country are pointing to the direction of another civil war. Hate speeches, ethnic and regional irredentism and intolerance are on the rise and it only indicates the seeming unwillingness of Nigerians to live together in peace.

If a section of a country has the effrontery to release a life daring and threatening message to another and on till this time, nothing has been done about it, no arrest has been made, it simply shows how we handle sensitive issues in this clime.

Other zones are not doing it does not mean they don’t know how to do it, if we all threaten each other, I strongly believe there would be no Nigeria, we will question the 1914 marriage, and the indivisibility of this great nation is at stake.

There is a life percentage of Igbo doing business in the far North and they contribute to the I.G.R of those states; peradventure this comes to fruition, it will not only leave indelible mark in the heart of these ones like the Civil war in 1967 but  will also call for more secession from other geo-political zones.

The hate speeches going on from North to South, East to West will leave nothing but self destruction. It will tear this country apart; if only those who survived and witnessed the first civil war can engage and call everyone together. We have heard uncharitable statements from different quarters. Instead of seeking to contribute to the rebuilding of the nation with renewed vigor, some people make hate speeches.

We must stop this nonsense before it stops us. It must stop because Nigeria cannot afford it. We can’t afford it because it is distractive. At a time when we seek to re-position our country for stronger national cohesion and economic resurgence, to play our destined role in Africa and the world, we do not need this distraction.

We can’t afford it because it hurts our image in the region, in Africa and around the world. What investor, donor or ally would confidently associate with a country under threat of disintegration, confusion or instability? None. If we are to leverage on our considerable economic potentials and human capital, we have no choice but to demonstrate to the world that we are a viable destination and ally.

Our size and diversity should therefore be taken as advantages that help us to build a great economy with huge political influences.

Governments across the country need a peaceful political and security atmosphere that allows them to concentrate on delivering the promised dividends of democracy to the people.

We can’t afford it because it is disruptive and dangerous. Divisive agitations and violent conduct, or call to violent conduct, can result in unexpected and undesirable consequences. The little fires starting to burn across the country must not be allowed to result in a conflagration from which none can escape.

This should be of concern to all well-meaning Nigerians. It worries me that some of our compatriots seem to have forgotten so soon the great prize we paid fighting the civil war; lives were lost, properties were destroyed and nation building was stunted.

I appeal to our leaders, political, traditional, religious and business, to not only speak out against the negative developments, but also to take immediate positive action to bring an end to them. Otherwise, their actions could be interpreted as collusion with the forces of division and violence.

I would advise the East to go back to the drawing board, Invest in your states, Develop your states, Build your states, Unite as never before and make South East a craving haven for other zones. Different Organisations, Government Agencies and Parastatals, Employers of labor in Nigeria should exclude and stop the quota system of asking questions like; State of Origin, Religion on forms.

To a very large extent, it will kill Belligerent Belief, Marginalization, Nepotism, Restiveness, Ethnic and Religious Chauvinism in the human race.

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 Written By: ARTHUR Kelly – who is a Political & Public affairs analysts, Advocacy, Development and Corporate Communications Consultant. Reach him on: arthurkelly02@gmail.com and 08034645459. 

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