The Flip side about Brand Equity

The Flip side about Brand Equity

Want to sell more or grow brand patronage?

Your bank wishes you a “happy birthday, season’s greetings, etcetera” yet charge you for making you feel good. You still feel loved or cared for over a service you’d refuse if ‘given the choice’.

Marketing is (mostly) a psychological thriller of emotion and sentiments.

Have you wondered why your competitor(s) who are in your identical niche attracts great patronage and a greater equity?

The answer is “value”. Customers respond to value. Everyone wants real value for his or her money.

So they look out for where they can get it.

India has gold (cheaper) but customers choose to shop in Dubai because of the experience and are willing to pay for it.

So, beyond your exact service/ product, sell experience, sell excellence, add a simple smile, proper branding/ packaging, quality service delivery and selfless client conflict resolution mannerism, that little extra, amongst others.

High-end clothing brands work up affiliates with top athletic, fashion or celebrity brands and increase brand trust/ equity and value.

Brand equity is marketing that interprets a brand’s value.

A value determined by consumer perception of and experiences with the brand. If people think highly of a brand, it has positive brand equity.

Here you sell more and communicate more brand value.

Be deliberate, strategic, and conscious in adding that little extra value to your business. And charge for it!


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    Hannah Kathy 2 weeks

    Very true sir. Please how do I reach out to you?

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    Ekene Emeshobi 2 weeks

    I’ve encountered this. I learnt the hard way. This right here is more than all I needed to grow my food business. Thank you so much sir, Richard Billions.