Fears That Every Start-Up Must Conquer

In recent time, there has been a massive crop of Nigerian youths consciously toeing the path of Entrepreneurship and the success stories has been quite encouraging despite the challenges and risk that all Entrepreneurs do face.
For a country like Nigeria where the major problem has been the issue of scarcity of job opportunities in the job market, Entrepreneurship has been like an industry that has helped most University Graduates to smile to the bank.
The new narrative which every young person is embracing in Nigeria today is entrepreneurship.
Despite the economy downtown, there has been a steady rise of Entrepreneurs springing up on every street in Nigeria. Queuing up for placement in Government jobs has reduced drastically, as Nigerian youth are deliberately tilting towards the Entrepreneurship world. In fact, I make bold to say that this is the Era of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
Notwithstanding the touted assertion that was made public by the present Government that Nigeria is in recession, we’ve had many new thriving businesses springing up in every cities across Nigeria.
In highlighting the many issues that every entrepreneur must encounter, being able to conquer the fears and also overcome the challenges that come with being an Entrepreneur is what counts.

The journey of becoming a successful Entrepreneur is risky and very demanding. While considering this path, you must be ready to channel your resources into your start-up brand. The journey entails that you must be dedicated in sacrificing all your effort to ensure you have a thriving business. Capital is a major factor that every start-up must first consider. You may resort to seeking for investors eventually as your business grows, but it is advisable to build up on your own before opting for that option. Another possible way to get funding in order to solve the issue of getting capital to kick-start is by getting grants from Government. For a new business, seeking for a loan may not be the best choice. Getting started with the little funds you have is very commendable.

The fear of being underrated by other already existing businesses is what every new start-up faces in the entrepreneurial world. You must take your eyes off every factor that poses a threat to you; rather concentrate on launching viable products or services which can be highly competitive with other already existing brands. Ensure your products are sellable. By so doing, your value will speak for you. Start with the mind-set that there is always room to improve.

Fear of the unknown is what has killed many dreams. You cannot achieve success without failure. In other words, you cannot be successful in life without failing. Every successful celebrated start-up story you’d hear today is as a result of the many failures they had which eventually turned them to success stories. The richest man in the world today became successful because he failed many times. The end product of failure is Success. Let it strike a chord in your head that failures are learning opportunities. Every failure you experience becomes a learning template that will yield lessons you can incorporate into your business.

Being an Entrepreneur comes with unavoidable challenges. It isn’t a smooth sailing journey. It requires faith, hard work and determination. Don’t let anyone deceive you to believe that Entrepreneurship is a quick means to make plenty money. You will surely make money but you have to go through the Entrepreneurial process organically in order to attain that level where you’d make mega-bucks.

However, the journey may seem very difficult, but with a careful business model you will go very far. Entrepreneurship isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle which encompasses passion, hard work and determination.
Just like learning is a continuous process, Entrepreneurship is in stages which the growth is also in a gradual process. Consciously Erase every negative voice off your memory and believe in yourself. Fear is an inevitable factor that will always surface. Embrace them and use them as a motivation to learn, improve and build up a sustainable business brand.

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