Fashion Etiquette For Your New Found Job

Fashion Etiquette For Your New Found Job

For many who have been so much addicted to jeans and T-shirt and so much casual wears, on landing your new job, the demand for a change of plan is on the high side, reason being that your new work environment may likely require you dress in some way, which entails all classy look and cooperate outfit.

Depending on the kind of work environment you find yourself, the orientation regarding what to wear differs. But, in every company, Government parastatals, Tech, fashion and so on, the golden rule will be that you dress all smart and classy. In as much as your organization demands your appearance to be neat, you should never try to over dress. Stay classy and comfortable with your choice of dress.


Putting on a tie is just one of the new fashion accessories you would have to get used to in your new job. Especially, if it’s a kind of job that demands you nod tie on regular basis. This mostly has to do with bankers, because they are always nodding a tie all through the week, except on Fridays. There is this special kind of regard customers give to workers, in the sense that anyone who wears tie with a well ironed shirt will appear so responsible and passes a positive fashion statement.

Colour Combination

Your ability to play with colours and be able to get the right one to match with whatever you choose to wear matters a lot. For dark skin persons, your skin determines your choice of colour for every outfit you set out to wear. Same thing applies to fair looking individuals. The key thing here is that you must be able to play smart with your colour combination game, so you’d always appear looking amazing.

Co-operate Wears

Like the conventional saying goes, the way you dress is how you will be addressed. This is a pointer that which means that whatever you decide to wear, especially, as a new comer in your organization speaks volume. It will not be out of place to choose to wear a button down shirt. Look for one with straight collar in simple colours that matches your skin. Avoid bright and flashy wears. Match your trousers with your suit jacket and your belt as well. A plain trouser will go well too.