Factors That Poses As A Turn Off To An Opposite Sex

As your daily hustle and bustle kicks from morning to evening , there is every tendency that you would always want to create time to chill, relax and unwind with an opposite sex just to catch some fun and get a relieve of tension and stress from the day’s work.

Also, you may just feel like calling up your lover for a weekend gateway together or you may decide to have lunch with the person.

The excitement of meeting up with your partner will turn out to be very awful if he/she turns up smelling awkward or looking unappealing.

Obviously, there are situations that present themselves as turn-off factors with the opposite sex which you’d easily pin-point immediately the person arrives the scene.

These turn off factor are instances that could make anyone dislike you or have a wrong impression about you if you ignore them.


Body odour is that unpleasant smell that oozes from someone that has not had his bath, bathed properly, or fails in using body spray and deodorants. Having a body odour is a big turn off to people anytime. You must make it a point of duty to have your bath and also ensure you spray a long-lasting perfume before leaving home, as failure to do so will result in making you have a bad odour when meeting your partner.


This is one of the factors that can pass as a turn-off to your opposite sex, especially your lover. Having a bad breath can make people to throw jabs at you or look down on you. Bath breath, medically called halitosis, can result from poor dental health habit, so you should make sure you brush your teeth twice daily in order to avoid bad breath. Imagine if you try kissing an opposite sex and you perceive an unpleasant smell, there is every possibility that you’d never want to kiss that person again. Always ensure you take care of your dental needs.


Appearing with an unkempt beards and scattered hair will be very unattractive to an opposite sex. You should do well to put yourself on check before hitting the street. Your outlook personality speaks volumes and leaves either a positive or negative impression in the minds of an opposite sex. Be sure you Keep a fine haircut and shaved beards when next you’re seeing an opposite sex


A bushy armpit is a ridiculous turn off factor that may permanently stop an opposite sex from meeting you again. Though some persons prefer to grow hairs on their armpit and actually maintain them, having a smelly bushy armpit will send a negative message to an opposite sex that you are dirty.








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