ESTHER THOMAS: I Breath, Eat And All I live For Is Fashion Designing

ESTHER THOMAS: I Breath, Eat And All I live For Is Fashion Designing

ESTHER THOMAS: I Breath, Eat And All I live For Is Fashion Designing

In our quest to showcase a fashion designing brand doing tremendously in the fashion industry, we ran into one of the budding fashion designers in Nigeria, Esther Thomas, who is based in Abuja and runs her business from the nation’s capital. Here are few questions that popped up.

  • Tell us about yourself?

My name is Esther Thomas, CEO and creative head director of Ehbs Couture.

  • What inspired you to choose fashion designing as a career?

Dressing up in a unique way has always been a thing of joy to me. My friends always call me for fashion advice whenever they are trying to dress up to an occasion. Fashion to me is fascinating, so I decided to dress people for a living. Basically, I’d say that I breath, eat and all I live for is fashion designing.

  • Tell us your background in fashion designing, how did you get into the industry?

I started as a model four years ago and my passion for fashion designing grew to a point where I was able to launch my clothing brand, Ehbs Couture, two years ago in Accra. My fashion story is wired around my interest in always learning and reading things about fashion, asking questions and getting tips from my tailor. I practically design all the clothes I wear and also model for my brand.

  • Educational Background?

I’m a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication. After my degree program, I had to enrol in a fashion training school to upgrade my knowledge in fashion. My Educational background has helped me in branding, marketing and advertising of my brand.

  • How would you describe the brand Ehbs Couture?

Ebs Couture is a ready to wear fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. Ehbs Couture is the elegant woman go-to-place trendy and classy dress. We not only make dresses, but offer styling services to our clientele.

  • As a Brand that leverages on using social media to sale your ready-to-wear custom made clothes, how do you cope with delivery of clothes to your customers offline?

The challenge has been a bit hitches in delivery which is essential in online selling. The major challenge is cost of delivery too. But slowly, we’ve had progress.

  • Who are your favourite world class designers that you’ve always look up to?

Elliab Saab is one of my favourite designers. In Nigeria, Deola Sagoe is top on the list of fashion brands that influences my brand. Having schooled in Accra, Ghana, their style also influenced some of my designs

  • Where do you see Ehbs Couture in the next few years?

I see it becoming a household name across Africa with world standard styles and designs?

  • What has been the defining moment in your career?

Getting my customers smiling has been my greatest joy. Every Job I’ve done has been fulfilling but I look forward to more.

  • How do you unwind?

I love reading, travelling to new places which gives me inspiration.

  • Favourite Music star?


  • When designing, what are the things that give you inspiration?

Places, people and bright colours.

  • Between Davido and wizkid, who is your favourite music star?

Wizkid, I guess…lols

  • Favourite TV show?

Oprah Winfrey Show and The Spot.

  • Favourite Country of relaxation?

I’ve travelled to couple of West African countries, but I will love to visit Milan and New York.


 Fashion Brand:  Ehbs Couture

Model:   Esther Thomas

Location of Shoot:  Accra, Lagos, Abuja,

Twitter:   Ehbs Couture

Instagram:   Ehbs Couture

Facebook:  Ehbs Couture