EP REVIEW: Ice prince gave his bug with the COLD EP, but he could not influence its infection

EP REVIEW: Ice prince gave his bug with the COLD EP, but he could not influence its infection

In Dare Art Alade’s voice; this is not the Ice prince we used to know, but he still has his bug, he needs to take the curflings off his shirt


Artiste: Ice prince Zamani

Guest: Jethrofaded, Remy Baggins, PatrickxxLEE, Straffitti, Kswitch

Producers: Remy Baggins, PatricxxLEE, GCL3F, JayDiggBeats, Illkeyz, Austyno Beatz.

Duration: 29 minutes

Record Label: Cool Cat

I have been a great fan of Iceprince, since he surfaced the Nigerian music scene in early 2010. I have followed him and his songs like my shadows in the light even before I ever started writing about music.

I had great interests in ‘Oleku’, as a requisite for the Everybody Loves Ice Prince E.L.I, which had ‘Superstar’, ‘Juju’ and Magician as some of the most commercially appealing and accepted tracks, and I also had interest in Fire of Zamani F.O.Z, with ‘Aboki’, ‘Gimme Dat’ and ‘I Swear’ on the body of work, then the Trash Can EP, the tribute to his home state album; Jos To The World, and finally; the COLD EP.

 Ice Prince had his Bug up his sheaves, and he gave a dosage of it, while he doled those aforementioned body of work before the COLD EP.

I personally used to rushed down to a music site to get the download link of every song from the Minna born, Jos raised rapper, I could rap word for word, I could think, ponder and resonates, and even form or start a discussion on Ice’s punchlines. How time flies?

Ice Prince still has his game tight. He is one of the biggest rappers to touch-line African Hip Hop, with a move of trajecting the culture to the World.

He can still rap, he can still drop bars and punchlines riddled with metaphors, he is also very versatile when he either goes into his trojan mood of Pop or rap, he can deliver impeccably while with both of them.

Those elemental subsets of his artistry on the outlook and output, usually put him on the spot, and could cause and generate traffic of discussion about him, and the Nigerian Hip Hop or Pop music. Those were his Bug of infection. He could transmit, and uplift rap or Pop music lover to an a crescendo, with a music intercourse to either, resonate, ponder, rap along, sing, or discuss everything about his music.

Facts do don’t speak wrong on this, as his ‘Oleku’ song remains one of the most remixed Hip Hop song to ever come out of Africa.

Today, there is an undeniable struggle going on in Ice’s music. The Bug has been cuflinked to his sheaves. He is not letting it out again with potency.

What happened to Ice Prince?

Simple put, we lost Ice Prince to the transition moment of metamorphosing as a rapper to a singer, and the lack of capping the sailing with scoring hits with the Pop music, as compared to when he was purely a rap artiste.

Anyone can placed a superior opinion on this subject, but this is what I feel went wrong.

Ice Prince releases C.O.L.D EP (Twitter/Ice Prince)-Agog.ng

Ice Prince releases C.O.L.D EP (Twitter/Ice Prince)

Here in his COLD EP, one could have expected a high degree, and pedigree of one of the hottest and biggest rappers to come into play, but, Ice Prince gave the Bug out on the body of work. But the Bug was just sterile, weak impotent. It’s could not infect anyone. In other words, the COLD EP has not done just a bit of what his previous works like ELI and FOZ did.

The gospel that is dominant with the COLD EP is; there is a formation and great delivery of music artistry in some simplest and coolest variety, as Ice Prince juggles through known genres, which is beautiful, and should be applauded.

The 8-track EP can be described as a book with just two chapters. The first chapter takes on the rappers autograph and insignia of pushing his old artiste persona with pure rap and Hip Hop delivered with versality of genre, the second chapter deals with Ice Prince adorning his newly acquired persona of being a pop singer with vocal pursuit to appeal.  He wants to package his emotions from a place unknown, to the world.

Just like borrowing Drake’s phrase in one his songs in the Scorpion album while he made a statement about his son; Ice Prince is not hiding his emotions to the world, Ice Prince wants the World to catch the Bug of his emotions with the second chapter of the EP.

He mobiles Into the EP with the Shut down featuring Jethrofaded, who offers an enigmatic hook for a song that pulls in a slow but a din dark tune lifting the curtains high enough for Ice Prince to mount the podium with a perfect rap. In Space Funk with Remmy Baggins, who has produced about 4-tracks off the body of work, there is a powerful combination of Funk music with urban drive to sustain a simple but disco resembled classic tune that can be perfected with a very colourful video if Ices A&R chooses to wade up like Bruno Mars has been doing with the Funk genre.

Ice Prince closes the first chapter of the EP with Hit Me Up. He jumps on the wavy genre which is Trap music with PatricxxxLEE and Straffitti to make yet another good song.

Then he introduces the second Chapter of the EP with Die For Your Love. On a  Reggaeton sound, he sings and raps through the very simple rhythmic kicks, initiating a subtle plot and plea, telling his woman she cannot leave him no more, that he is ready to die for her matter, then, he switches things up to a very slow, melo driven beat, hinting and highlighting the story of a woman he met on tour, but forgets to help his listeners to adapt to what went down with the tour girl in the next song which is Tour 245

Ice Prince (from instagram)

So High with Kswitch is a lovely song which metaphorically describes a lady in form of a Marijuana. Kswitch never disappointed with strong vibes of patois. But, in the days of discouraging Science Students, was So High even necessary for this project?

Watching  You Become Better,  here the element of his Pop strength is revealed along with  it as Ice Prince sings on to a very slow kicked beats, however, the song is marred with weak lyrics. Did Iceprince really put this up in this project? Wow!

The second chapter of the EP comes to an end with another emotionally embroiled song – Las Gidi No. 1 Chick, colouring a picture perfect of his Lagos tush girl, lyrically recapitulating on the old times they were together, and singing on how they’ve not been talking, and he does not want to see her face either.

As I mentioned, the COLD EP has two chapters, rendered with Ice Prince versality, juggling over genres, and expression of emotions at the end.

I want to emphasize this, the two chapters are almost uninspiring, though it has Ice Prince Bug of music elements, but its lack the power to gas up its listeners up from the sunken place to anywhere near improved.

In Dare Art Alade’s voice; this is not the Ice prince we used to know, but he still has his bug, he needs to take the curflings off his shirt.

This means, either he gets fully back to Hip Hop which attracted so much clout back to him, or if he has to sticks with Pop, he has to go really harder next time.

Listen to the COLD  EP by Ice Prince:  HERE

RATINGS: 3.5/10

Dull – 1.0

Boring – 1.0

Average – 1.0

Worth checking out – 1.0

Hot – 2.0

Smoking Hot – 1.5

Perfection – 1.5