Eight Steps To Permanent Weight Control

Eight Steps To Permanent Weight Control

Issa weekend something and we thought it wise to start sharing our lifestyle diaries on food and healthy living. You will definitely pick a lesson or two from this short Piece on how to control your weight.

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As you may know, it’s possible to eat as much as you want and still lose weight. The secret is knowing which food to eat and which to avoid. Plant foods that promote good health and prevent diseases are also ideal for taking weight off and keeping it off for good.

here are few tips on how to have a permanent weight control:

  1. Build your diet around fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and other ‘’as grown’’ foods.
  2. Forget ‘’quickie’’ diets. Make the optimal diet your diet.
  3. Reduce the oils, butters and other fats you add to your meal.
  4. Read labels carefully and choose foods very low in fat, sugar and salt
  5. Make water your drink of choice. Avoid high-caloric beverages.
  6. Kick the snack habit. Begin each day with a hearty breakfast that makes mid-morning snacking unnecessary.
  7. Make exercise a part of your routine an d also take a walk regularly.
  8. Develop a support network with others who share interest in making positive lifestyle changes.