Every morning,

Before the cock announces its victory over the thick night,

my eardrums dance to the beats of my pounding heart,

Waking me to face my own night;

My night falls when your day breaks.


My night is a red-eyed terrorist,

an arrogant drunk, a hardened criminal…

So while your day seduces you

with fairy tales and beautiful promises,

my night rips in two the innocence of my mind,

ruining every hope for a better tomorrow.


My night is the lie society sold to women,

that we aren’t suitable for a

smooth affair with Positive impacts,

but capable to handle the herculean task

of the home front,

the kitchen and the ‘other room’ entitlements.

And let’s not forget the very unflattering position of baby-making machines.


And of course we bought the lie,

because we confided in society

We learned we are the foundation, ‘home makers.’

So in a bid to appease and to please their selfish whims,

we trained our waists to twerk

to their rhythm.

Unknown to us, that with every beat of their custom drum, we twerked away the future of our unborn children.


But they were wrong…

Very wrong!

We are more than their weak minds can conceive…

More than a matrimonial maid; to cook and clean,

more than baby-making machines.

We are more than square pegs in round holes.


We are goddesses,

with great destinies.

Our hands are blessed with

the creativity of the Most High.

Our minds, burning embers that ignite growth.

Our hearts flow stain-cleansing and

thirst-quenching streams of passion.


We ink love on every page,

drink poison in return

Yet we do not shrink nor blink…

We allow the pain to sink

like a stone into the sea of our souls,

because we are more than

The spell of a wink.


We are PINK:

P – Powerful

I – Intelligent

N – Noble

K – Kind-hearted

And what we think, we become!

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Eduoe Ndifreke, a passionate Spoken Word Poet, Creative Writer, and a Social Change Advocate. I believe that with my pen and voice, I can inspire value-driven qualities amongst the youths, for the betterment of humanity.

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