Do You Know Hush-Doggy


  • Man A: Hello my brother, greetings from London, I am chatting with you from where we are packing our Jet Presidential. I hope life is good with you?
  • Man B: My brother from the other side, I dey hale o! We thank God. Na Jet Presidential we wan chop before for this country? Abeg bring better yarn.
  • Man A: Lets boycott the Jet gist, after all we are not politicians. I wan ask ; do you know Hush-Doggy, the small boy that tags himself the popular socialite? He goes about patronizing Gucci shops, taking pictures and swanking it all over the social media. Do you Know him?
  • Man B: Is it not that one that wears women blouse in the form of fashion? He thinks he is doing me or setting a new trend, that boy is just a puppy, that’s all. What did he do this time?

Hush Puppy (from Instagram)

  • Man A: The boy raved mad within the week. He went on attacking spree, he insulted Phyno the play maker. He didn’t stop there, he also insulted Ice-prince too. In his post, he said there were fake, and they wear fake accessories.
  • Phyno (from Instagram)

  • Man B: O’ boy, ‘trouble dey sleep, dog wey get yanga don go wake am up.’ What did Phyno and Ice-prince replied him?
  • Ice Prince (from Instagram)

  • Man A: Trust the play maker now, he berated him with both ends of his mouth. He told him; He represent the whole world in Nigeria, he represent an entire tribe, brands, street and unborn generations. He further incarcerated him that he bought his mama a car, built house for her, but he never came online to brag about it, (you know say, him don use style tell us say him don buy and build e mama car and house.) he even asked him to describe what he, represent.
  • Man B:This is serious. So, what did Ice prince say?
  • Man A: That one? He didn’t reply him. Edey like the talk resemble truth for him side small, Who we go ask? Na Kcee come yarn o!. He carry the matter for him head like Olajumoke carry bread enter Y Belo photo-shoot for Tiny Temper.
  • Man B:Haha! So, you mean Kcee sales bread or what did he say exactly?
  • Kcee (from Instagram)

  • Man A:He invited EFCC into the imbroglio. He asked them to investigate Hush-Doggy. The matter no end for dia o! One concern fan jump into the palava, he asked EFCC to investigate Emeka, the importer, exporter and pure water- Kcee’s brother that flaunt wealth on the street of social media.
  • E money (from Instagram)

  • Man B:This is funny. Don’t tell me Kcee is angry that someone is competing with his brother in the ministry of show off.
  • Man A: Eh! You just nailed it. This is why I like you. You are intellectually swift in balancing thoughts. Do you know that Kcee has been quiet since then. He hasn’t replied the concern fan. Maybe he is using the lemon colored network providers. The company that brags about giving cheap data and yet one cannot do anything with their data. Wawu! Did You also hear that Wizkid and Davido are quarrelling?
  • Man B: My brother, I am tired of those children. They should just concentrate in their career. This their fight is like Ronaldo and Messi argument of which player is better, ino get head.
  • Man A: There you are, you just mentioned Ronaldo. O Boy Ronaldo follow Davido for Instagram the other day, him no gree us hear word for internet. He craze ‘sote’ he go barb number 7 for e head.
  • Man B:Is it not the same hairstyle his fans are calling him out saying;  he joined cult, that with the hairstyle, he is just identifying to where he belongs.
  • Davido show’s off his new hair cut (from Instagram)

  • Man A: That one concern am, who cultism Epp? Finally finally, the popular Hallelujah challenge has ended. What is your take home on the matter. if you remember, the other day, Funke had to respond to Daddy Freeze, the radio pastor, on his attack on Nathaniel Bassey for not being sincere on the campaign after dropping Olowogbogboro theme song?
  • Olowogbogboro add cover (from Instagram)

  • Man B:‘Bros’ eh! I don’t know what to say again o! this country ‘wey everybody dey shook eye on another person matter,’ the thing tire me. But, the music evangelist don open all these circular artiste ‘nyash.’ He successfully organised that program online without making much noise with over 800,000 people in attendance. That is massive and huge for gospel artiste. It is also sending a good message to the younger artiste who are confused whether to sing gospel or circular, that you can belong to the gospel genre and still be heard.
  • Man A:This one you are beginning to sound like a pastor, ‘bros’ make I go rest abeg, before you go preach ‘comot’ me for my church enter your own.
  • Man B:Just tell me you want to go and sleep so you will go to work early tomorrow, make I leave you. ‘Oya,’ bye bye!
  • Man A:Exactly, this is 11:40pm, let me rest jareh! Good night.
  • Man B:Night, sweet dreams.





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