Djudju’s Shrine Diaries: ‘Smokers are liable to die young’

Djudju’s Shrine Diaries: ‘Smokers are liable to die young’

Hello beautiful readers.

I’ve never been high before but when I hear tobacco and marijuana lovers talk about the nice feeling associated with the usage of these very popular substances, I get curious. Like, how highness go sweet like this? Some even equate the feeling to the joy of eating a delicious meal. Fine, so many joys of life can be compared to an early morning orgasm but great food? Highness definitely tops the list of interests.

The first time I was offered a joint, I told the person I didn’t want to smell like burnt wood. Not to sound judgemental but why does that shit smell so bad?

In my senior secondary school, I watched a video showing the non-smoker’s lungs and the smoker’s lungs. I’d love to have the privilege to un-watch that video, if that’s possible. Now, I can’t try this seemingly pleasurable pastime. Even passively smoking accidentally gets me scared like ‘Is my lungs getting dark red, oh father? I don’t want to get cancer.’

Maybe I just have a crazy phobia for lungs cancer but seriously, y’all that are enlightened, yet still smoke, ‘una’ get mind oh. I hail the courage.

Smokers and non- smokers lungs

But do you know it’s actually possible to get your highness and still keep healthy lungs? Smoking is being regarded as a major risk factor associated with various cancers, emphysema and other related respiratory disorders. While your lifestyle is your choice and highness is man’s desire, your health and welfare is important. Go the safer way.

Get your nicotine patches.

Nicotine Patches (from Getty Images)

Cook your weed.

Quit smoking!

Smokers are liable to die young.

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Written By – Djudju who is a medical student,

Writer and also a lover of good food.

She is the CEO of Naomi’s kitchen

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