DJ Cuppy: A None Cupid Artistes, That Requires A Cupid-bow Music

DJ Cuppy: A None Cupid Artistes, That Requires A Cupid-bow Music

DJ Cuppy: A None Cupid Artistes, That Requires A Cupid-bow Music

 Have you listened to DJ Cuppy’s new single yet, the one she tags, a new banger titled “Werk”?

Music artistes cannot send out their products in the same level. Some acts will be on the very top of the prism of music records, churning out classics that may always turned out to be hit songs, others will stay in the middle of the tree, reeling out their inputs, while some will remain at the bottom of the chain, doing their best to climb the ladder to the top.

At every level of the chain, what should be put out to consumers, should be palatable enough for consumption. Para-venture, if at any level, one artistes is not giving out a good energy to his or her consumers, music fans will move to the next level, so as to consume what others have to offer.

But, in essence, on that chain of letting out music, the class of music artistes, differs. And, they cannot be one artistes who will stay at the top of the prism, still found in the middle and at the bottom. There is always a level for anyone, and everyone.

In this chain, there are god artistes, and there are none god artistes.

DJ Cuppy is a privileged kid, no doubt that her father is a billionaire, and she is a billionaire’s daughter. So venturing into in music in Nigeria with that kind of classification, poses a greater threat to a DJ Cuppy’s brand, her music career progress, and her musics survival in the industry, being that everyone in the industry who is not a billionaire son or daughter will see her with the imagery of; she does not belong here, but she just want to come in here and dislodge our fraternity of none privileged kids, who deserve to be here with her money and privileges.

Just like Davido, who is on the same table with her,-‘the Billionaires child’s table’, they have been placed in a threshold, where many Nigerians see them as people who have gotten everything cozy in life as the result of their parental kinship, leaving them with no options of keys, but rather holes, as they alienating them their destinies into their hands, to pick and push themselves to a level that they can now be accepted, their music and brand is given a chance of; ‘dem don try, dem dey work hard, make we listen to dem’.

This means that ,as a privileged kid, for you to succeed especially in the music industry controlled by people who struggled through the ranks of life to hit the top, you have to work your a*se out. And DJ Cuppy is not far from being a hard worker, she has shown her brilliance over the years.

Her brand has flourish like her name Florence, from 2014 till date. She toured 8-Cities of Africa, produced a couple of songs which made their way to Young Paris extended play – “Afro Beat”, Covered The Guardian Life Magazine, and also got featured in April/May Issues of Forbes Women Africa. She is a winner, and continues to remain so.

She equips and bequeath two persona. First; a billionaires daughter- Otedola’s daughter, who is a Nigerian privileged child, who can walk in anywhere and mentioned her father’s name, and fix, will be fixed for her, without her struggling to do anything to make the fix work, and; Secondly, a DJ Cuppy, who is a beautiful female, honing a DJing career in an industry were females have to do double of what their male partners are doing to survive as a DJ, who has aspirations, goals and dreams, and wants to succeed, both as a DJ and as a music artiste.

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Combining the two, these means that; when she goes in facing obstacles bewitching DJ Cuppy’s DJing career, her father’s name-Ote-Dollar shows forth, and doors are opened to DJ Cuppy, without her trying to pull or push them.

I believe, like Davido, she might have fought many bulks of walls before deciding oh, I’m gonna settle into first, DJing, before morphing to a full music artistes.

To set records straight, she has been an amazing DJ over the years. She has had a good ride, featuring artistes who blessed her choice of beats with good music and contents. And now, she is juggling as a DJ, and as a recording artiste.

Everything was perfect, everything was in shape, a good ride on a career progress, her father’s name worked the magic, to Cuppy any tune was just a press on the button called Cuppy, when she just had to produce songs for other artistes to feature on it , and that was beautiful, but soon as she forayed into voicing and recording her own songs, her weakness was revealed.

The female version of Speed Darlington; the Nigerian Instagram music sensation. She has been pushed down from the top of her DJ Prism, to an artistes hawking a basket where banters, jibes, jokes and mockery are thrown in at will with her choice of music delivery. To Cuppy this tune has turned to ‘To Cuppy these jokes’, and she is not having a good time at all, everything musically for her has turned cold and malodorous.

There was a build up to this, but a beautiful video and the effect of guest artistes on a collaborative effort on her previously released  songs were the reason her flaws were not highlighted. But on the recent release of her latest single, “Werk”, things went south.

Though the songs reception is poor, but through the use of user generated contents (UGC), which she has relied on to generated a campaign, and give it out to the public with the tag “Werk Challenge” for the purpose of making it viral for possible traction’s, the “Werk Challenge”, has given her latest single an opportunity to shine, as the song which in just a couple of days has hits over a 100 Million plays already.

Source: DJ Cuppy’s Tweet from her Twitter account.

Thanks to her efort and effrontery, the more Nigerians who cannot relate to her kind of music delivery go after her on the social media, including their bias view of her coming from a well to do background, the bolder and stronger she shreds them off with what she believes in, by pushing her music as junks down their throats.

DJ Cuppy has not been a Cupid artiste. She has not been a Whiz Kid, neither has she been a virtuoso. She’s just a human, born into a wealthy family, who has dreams and aspirations, working-hard towards achieving them. She might be enjoying many privileges, but that has not eroded the fact that she has been a hard-working human, trying to achieve her dreams. And so far, it has been promising.

However, “Werk” with Skuki, as guest acts (they could not cover up her music flaws this time), is almost a mess of a song. The lyrics are poor, the song is weak, and her choice of words and rhyming, is like a kindergarten kid joining the A-B-C-D alphabet together. The song is ‘kole werking’. But that is not the take home.

The real balance is; she is shooting Cupid-bows, and that like the deity of romance, she is confidently shooting her shots. She is not shy of making those baby steps music singing mistakes, she is going to hit her aim soon. Like that child learning the A B C rhyming, she will get things right and a real banger will be born from her vocals.

Watch DJ Cuppy do a life performance of her new single “Werk”, with the Afrinero band of Epe, as she visits her family home below in Epe below:


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