DECEMBER CONCERTS: 7 Things To Do To Have A Hitch Free Concert Experience In Lagos

DECEMBER CONCERTS: 7 Things To Do To Have A Hitch Free Concert Experience In Lagos

DECEMBER CONCERTS: 7 Things To Do To Have A Hitch Free Concert Experience In Lagos

December is here again. It is the month of Yuletide, the month that ends the year and a time to unwind and enjoy several musical shows in Nigeria.

Last year, specifically in Lagos Nigeria, there were many shows and concerts, which gave people an unending experience. This year promises to be better, as more artistes an organisations have planned out a number of music events and parties in this last month of the year.

The following are 7-things to do to have a hitch free concerts experience in Lagos:

1. Plan To Attend Concerts:

You have to plan to attend concerts. Put on your to-do list the number of concert you want to attend. Write in bold, the title of the concerts, the performing artiste, the time, the venue, and tag it with a reminder button with a day to the concerts space. This will help you to set your priorities right in terms of getting you ready for the concerts ahead.

2. Get Tickets On Time:

Most December récital or shows in Lagos are always ticketed. This means, without getting your own ticket, you cant get into the main hall were the performances will be held.

You have to get your tickets on time, to also avoid last minutes rush.

Last year, at the Davido’s 30Billion Concerts in Eko Hotel, the sold out show had guests outside the building begging for tickets to be sold to them at very high and costly amount. Some people had their way in scheming through and getting the highly sorted for and costly tickets, while others were left stranded without going into the hall because of non availability of tickets. To avoid these and other kinds of scenario related to getting tickets, learn to get your tickets on time.

3. Get To Know The Environment Of The Venue:

You have to get to know the vicinity of the concert hosting community or venue. It is quite important in case of emergency. This means you have to be at the venue of the event early enough for at least a walk tour of the venue. While doing this, lookout for Muster Point and clinics. This will put your safety and security anticipation mind in shape.

4. Dress Smart:

Dress smart. A Jean on a T-shirt is an ‘OK’ outfits for concerts. Don’t forget to put on a Fanny Pack so you can save your money and phones inside. A power-bank is also necessary for those that will be going with their smart phones to take pictures.

5. Go In Cliques:

While booking your tickets, book for your friends and family members. This is quite important, so as to help you have people to move and gist with. In some venues, while you’re about to hit the rests room, go there with at least one person to escort you.

6. Enjoy All The Free Drinks And Food:

Mosts shows in Lagos have always had the provisions of free drinks and food courtesy the fellow sponsors of the events. Get to make enquiries to know if they are free, and if indeed they are free, enjoy them to the fullest. Get your cups fill up with drink cause you will need it to charge you up for the period of the events.

 7. After The Show, Don’t Be In A Haste To Leave The Venue:

After the show ends, don’t be in a haste to leave the venue. Wait for some moment for easy exit to avoid stampede during rush out.