DAVIDO: 5-Reasons Why Some People Hate When Pop Singer Makes Career Win

DAVIDO: 5-Reasons Why Some People Hate When Pop Singer Makes Career Win

DAVIDO: 5-Reasons Why Some People Hate When Pop Singer Makes Career Win

 “Therefore, we as music lovers and observers can still love Wizkid, while we praise Davido, and also show love to Davido, while praising Wizkid at vice versa”

Davido is like a field army general who goes to the battle front-line, strategize with his troupe with a clear war tactics, kicks the enemy on their balls, overruns their base and secure the territory for his state. He does this with bravery in his heart, confidence in his team, but ends up sustaining war-time injuries. However, when the glory of the land is being shared to honour his achievements, as he lifts his trophy for all to see, many people will question the injuries he sustained during gun dwells at the war front as fake injuries, just to invalidates the dynamics he stimulated to win at the battle ground.

The state seeing his strength at winning battles, will send him on another war mission job. He takes another shot at the new assignment, subdues the enemy, yet the same gang of unbeliever’s will still team up to shout him and his achievements down at the day of honor.

As sublime as these analogy is; literally, the DMW boss has suffered more during his days of win. It is like the more grounds he covers in his music career, the more red-eye gets raised to look and talk him down from ascension.

For a level of rationality and understanding to this opinion piece, I am not writing to say that Davido does not get blessings for what he achieves, no! I am only insinuating that he does not get enough of it as the number of people saying negative things about his achievements sometimes outnumber those who render grace and praise to him when he thrives.

Perhaps this has formed an orientation about the hater’s he is always talking about-those he usually claim the said he could not do it, to affirm that he has done it at their disregard.

What could be the cause?

Why is it not like Wizkid, when he makes career foray people team up to shower encomiums of praises, but for the pop singer that tags his stage name with Omo Baba Olowo, a rabid obnoxious surreptitious slights are being fired from a close distance with a long canon outlet, releasing hellfire missiles of negative vibes, targeting him at a glands of his bravery to success in his career.

Lets analyse few reasons some people hates on him on the day of his success:

Davido is proud:

Davido is proud means Davido is proud full stop.

But Davido’s pride is coming off his background of a rich Billionaire son. He has been raised and wired to behave that way.

Many people in Nigeria hold the belief that rich people should acts humble. This is the case of an unbalanced social structure. The balanced projection about rich people and their kids should be, if we have them humble, a good number of them are also proud rich people.

Davido’s pride reflects in his music. He does not just make records, he makes it flamboyantly. He will not just have a simple roll out plan for a new song he is releasing, he goes all out to the extreme to make a kind of popularity run for the record he is about to release, that even before the song is released, the foreplay PR has made the floor wet enough to slip the record into acceptance of climax.

His song “Assurance” remains a poster example for this, where he weaved emotions surrounding his relationship with his girlfriend Chioma from everything private to the public. Another example of this is seen in his recently released song with Zlatan; “Bom Bom”, where he also made his fans to join up his roll out plan for the song with a user-generated contents (UGC), where he ask them to make videos of them shaking their Bom Bom, to be posted with the hastag ‘Bom Bom Challenge’ just to be rewarded monetarily by him.


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On the flip side, it is worthy to note that many music artists needs to take a crash course on studying this Davido’s kind of pride. This his pride is success personified, as its keeps bottling the fall that comes with pride. That is to say; the more he is proud, the more he succeeds.

He is a privilege Kid:

Ofcourse, a Billionaire’s son should be a big time privileged kid. What else should we expect?

Perhaps, the people who hates on his win are more of those that wants to be like he is. They wants his privileges, they admire his show off of optics every time he hops into his father’s private Jet. They think about his American passport, that ID that keeps him up above them, that any time he wants to travel to the United State, he does it with ease.

His hater’s only see Davido as a privilege kid in a negative way but, they look away from his positives as a rich kid when he does a good thing with it.

They fail to see a part of Davido that uses his music privileges in bringing others up in the industry. A Davido that does not charge a dime from his signed on acts as claimed by him. They also fail to see him use his privileged position as a goodwill tool to always share money to people who needs money for genuine purpose around him.

They feel that he is not really talented:

One of the aftermath of rivalry, a mirage waging side to side, war of the mouth, created in the figment minds of music fans between Wizkid against Davido; is that Wizkid is a better talented artiste than Davido.

Well, depending on a point of view of this irrational belief, whosoever comes first as the most talented amongst both pop stars in their minds is their own idols. For team Wizkid, Starboy is better, for team Davido, OBO is better, but for me as an analyst of Nigerian music through this write-up, both artists are at the best of what they do musically. None is better than the other, though sometimes, Davido goes out of his way to get music out without him being the soul owner of the song, a good and positive subject to discuss on another date with my write up.

By the way, this believe that Wizkid is better than Davido makes his hater’s to see his wins below to Wizkids wins. So, Davido makes remarkable wins, they match up an opposing claim that Wiz has done it before and has done it better.

All these to feed their busted ego of favoritism, on which artists they love more than the other.

 He Is Braggadocio:

 Being a big bag of braggadocio is not a bad thing. One thing is for a music acts to shout on the mountain top with high enthusiasm and exaggerations on what he or she can do, another thing is for the same act to pace it up with a working values to support their level of hyperbolizations, a talk and do it initiative.

Davido has it all. Davido goes in really hard, as he makes noise about his music worth, then fills the vacuum up with a better hit song each time he goes in for one.

His firebrand noise making approach, though sometimes can be over the board, is not always out-of-place as he puts in the kind of work rate that commands respects even when he blows himself above proportion. This means he is not only bragging right, he recognises that what is worth bragging about, is worth doing well.

 He Rubs His Shine On Peoples Faces:

 Davido is not a regular, he offer’s a Speed Darlington kind of energy. When he shines, he puts it all out. When he has a new record, he keeps the rule of repetition until you have to accept his song.

When he gets followed by Ronaldo, he scores a hat-trick of shouting by letting you know that Cristiano Ronaldo was the goalkeeper that let him net the ball thrice.

When he is about to fill up the 02-Arena, and eventually does, he shouts it loud for about four to five months ahead with all the media opening at his disposal, that he is going to fill it up, and goes ahead to fill it up.

He does not stop at the level you want him to stop when he wants to share sharp emotions, he keeps it coming until you too can fall in love with your own Chioma by buying her a Porsche Car.

On Th Summary:

Human beings stay competing with each other. Most of them build a non spoken about rivalry in their heart against their peers, they see them win, they want to surmount their win. They see them succeed, they want to succeed above them too. But when things do not go as plan for their over fade ego, and they see someone who wins properly with a web of pride, privilege, bragging right, and a show off of achievements, some of them tend to hate.

Choosing a career in music like Davido with a privilege identity, attracts both negatives and positives. To succeed then, it will always take one a lot of hard work. This is why music artists success like that of Davido from Africa to the world should not be talked down lightly, but rather supports with affirmations.

Davido and Wizkid are the major flag preacher’s of Afrobeat. These means that both of them are exceptional in what they are doing to push the culture out of the shores of Africa.

Therefore, we as music lovers and observers can still love Wizkid, while we praise Davido, and also show love to Davido, while praising Wizkid at vice versa.

Finally, the bottom line of inspiration deduced from these two as they continue to outshine their past striking achievements should be that both of them are doing amazing and we should toga it with; if Wizkid did it, Davido did it, we too can did it.

Lets kill hates against music artists, before our hates kill their career ahead of time.

Watch Davido performing to 20,000 music fans at the 02-Arena in London.


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