Dangote On Northern Youth: ‘’The Arewa Youths are Jobless People’’

Dangote On Northern Youth: ‘’The Arewa Youths are Jobless People’’

Aliko Dangote, Chairman of Dangote group, briefing a team of business executives from Lagos Business School (LBS), last weekend, said the coalition of Northern youths who gave an ultimatum that the igbos should vacate the Northern region before the end of 1st of October 2017, said so because they were unemployed.

Dangote, stating his view about the ultimatum, said, it was irrelevant.

‘’Some guys who have no relevance and values came out to issue a warning that igbo should leave the north. I am surprised everybody started talking about this nonsense. Why are we talking?

‘’Obviously, in a place where there is a lot joblessness, it is expected that this kind of jobless people would come out with all sorts of anger.

‘’We understand the reasons why they are angry, but they cannot justify their action when they have decided not to work. They only issue senseless warning to keep themselves relevant,’’ he said.

‘’What keeps me awake at nights is not really the enormity of business ideas running through my mind, but it is actually high rate of unemployment in the country. It is an eyesore and I think we have collective responsibility to solve this problem.’’ He stated.

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