What’s up, what’s up, what’s up people! (don’t mind me guys, I’m feeling a lil gangster). Happy new week, and happy last week of the month (allawee is entering this week *whoop whoop*). I hope you guys enjoyed reading my last post, and if you haven’t read it, you are wrong!!! But really if you haven’t read it you should go check it out; my last post, the post before that, and the one before, you know the drill na.

Well, today I’m writing about OFFICE ROMANCE; yeah, you read right. Office romance is the relationship between two co-workers (at least that’s how it should be, but there are some people that want to date everyone at their office at the same time – but hmmm what do I know). Anyway, the way I see it, being in a relationship with a colleague will work out depending on two things; the type of person you are, and the work environment. Not all office relationships should be made public; if you a secretive person and your relationship is private it’ll keep your other colleagues away from your business, that way they don’t have any opportunity to give their ‘opinions’ or make any ‘suggestions’ (if you know what I’m talking about). An office relationship is like a marriage, the moment a number of people are ‘’decision makers’’ and ‘’opinion givers’’, the marriage is definitely going down the drain sooner or later. When all your colleagues are aware of your relationship, it’ll create problem; especially if you are dating your boss. Aside your colleague, the office environment is a determinant of an office relationship’s success. There are some offices that are closely knitted, everyone knows about everyone’s business, while there are some other offices that the only thing the workers know about each other, is work related. A relationship in the latter work environment will most likely work out compared to a relationship in the former because everyone minds their business in the latter; basically, everything boils down to privacy.

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Personally, I would only support an office relationship if it’s kept private and if the people involved are not planning on settling down with each other while they work together. Now I know you may be wondering why I feel this way; but imagine a situation where a married couple working in the same place gets laid off at the time; the source of livelihood in that home is automatically blocked thereby creating a financial problem – a financial problem that could have been avoided. I understand that being in a relationship with someone you work with can be really sweet sometimes, you know, you guys going to work together, leaving together, going for lunch together, seeing him/her all the time and what not, but it can also be heart-wrecking if you guys break up along the line and you still have to see the person’s face on a regular; especially if it was a nasty break-up. Office relationships has its pros and cons actually, you just have to sit back and think about how it works for you, and then decide on what you want to do.

Alright guys that’ll be all for today, until next week. Much love from Damilola.

Laters Baby (*winks*)[irp]

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